152 Million Connected Cars in 2020 with $14.5 Billion in Revs & VERY Big Data

BiG dataRevenue from automotive data assets from integrated connected car systems will generate $14.5 billion in revenue by 2020, according to a connected car study from IHS Automotive, driven by Polk.

In Emerging Technologies: Big Data in the Connected Car, IHS Automotive predicts there will be 152 million actively connected cars on global roads by 2020 generating 11.1 petabytes of data.

The $14.5 billion will come from data from connected car – diagnostics, location, user experience (UX) /feature tracking, and adaptive driver assistance systems (ADAS)/autonomy.

The technology will will drive sales, value-added services and customer experience in the sector for years to come.

About 30 terabytes of data would be collected each day from the 152 million connected cars on the road in 2020, or about 350 megabytes per second.

It is still not clear, yet who owns the data and if driver’s privacy is protected, whatever happens there will plenty of data to go around the world…