stop and start saves fuel

2015-Chevrolet-Impala-3GM announced that stop/start technology will be standard on the 2015 Impala base 2.5-liter ECOTEC a 5% city mileage reduction or one mile per gallon.

Stop/start shuts down the engine in certain driving conditions to reduce fuel consumption. The technology is becoming more prevalent worldwide. 

auto connected tanks to be deployed via drones by U.S. Army: tested in Florida

black-hawk_350x250Carnegie Mellon and Sikorsky Aircraft are working with the U.S. Army  to show that a drone copter and a driverless ground vehicle can work together to autonomously survey a contaminated site. The unmanned ground vehicle UGV will navigate using sensors looking out for chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear contamination.

Your soda can and water may power the next long range EVs

Alcoa_Phinergy_02_largePhinergy and Alcoa demoed a zero-emissions electric demo car powered with lithium ion batters with supplemental power from an aluminum-air battery at the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve in Montreal during the Canadian International Aluminum Conference last week (June 3-4).

New Fords made from tomato ketchup for greener future

ford-heinz-sustainabilityResearchers at Ford and Heinz are researching the use of tomato fibers to make sustainable, composite materials for use in carmaking.

Ford researchers are testing the composite for use in wiring brackets, upholstery, and storage bins such as the kind a customer uses to hold coins and other small objects.

Smart Toyota Panasonic home appliance apps to start heat or A/C

ToyotaconenctedapplianceToyota and Panasonic are co-developing a service that links cars with home appliances. A new service will be launched probably by the third quarter.  A feature to expect will allow drivers to set up air conditioning or heat when the car is near the home. It could also turn on the coffee or crock pot on the way home from work.

BMW ConnectedDrive app connected to Blink Network & smart charging

P90152596-the-bmw-smart-charging-app-helps-bmw-i-customers-to-easily-identify-the-best-rates-and-times-to-char-599pxBMW has updated its app with best charging times for the best prices along and also offers locations of public charging stations.

The new BMW Smart Charging App makes it possible for BMWi customers to charge at times with the best rates saving as much as $400 a year. BMW claims it is the “first” automotive manufacturer to offer this automated and fully integrated functionality.

DriveSync synchs to open cloud

drivesyncIntelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc (IMS) unveiled the next generation of the DriveSync connected car platform, which now includes open cloud based architecture.

DriveSync platform now allows automotive ecosystem partners, any vehicle built after 1996 with an OBD-II ports can use connected car services using IMS plug-and-play technology with the DriveSync platform.

WAT makes the APMA Connected Car so special?

001__C1A3282Last week, the most Canadian connected concept car, ever, was shown at the APMA( Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association) in Canada and one that the Ontario’s drunken mayor Rob Ford can’t drive because it has an alcohol interlock device on it.

There have been reports that just say what types of devices were installed in the car running the QNX operating system but not the actual devices makers or providers.

The specially decked out Lexus RX350 was connected and reconfigured by the University of Waterloo.

C3 Connected Car Council formed not to be confused with Connected Car Expo

connectedcarcouncilConnected Car Conference (C3) founder Doug Newcomb  announced the formation of the Connect Car Council and its inaugural members.

The Connected Car Council will market its members and help shape future C3 with topics such as distracted driving, data, networking, infotainment and privacy/security.