How to Get Free Wireless (Plugless) BMW 530e Charging

BMW and Qmerit have launched a free wireless inductive charging installation and equipment program for BMW 530e lease and prepay lease contracts for residential California installations only.


The driver just parks over the ground in a garage and charging will begin. BMW is among the first in automotive history to offer the comfort and ease of wireless charging. Be the first to experience this ground-breaking technology through our pilot program.

Enrollment in the Pilot Program requires two pieces of hardware a CPM and GPM. A BMW 530e with Car Pad Module (CPM) and the Ground Pad Module (GPM). The system will be professionally installed/de-installed by Qmerit. The kit must be hardwired to a home electric panel. The GPM is exclusively compatible with the BMW 530e.  The CPM and GPM sync through Wi-Fi

The car must be in an enclosed garage. Participants must agree to comply with pilot guidelines in terms of installation, maintenance and de-installation of the Wireless Charging Pad in their homes. They also must agree to return Ground Pad Module at lease termination.

To apply the applicant must take a short survey, Qmerit determines whether the home is eligible for Wireless Charging or if another charging option is best. From there, a local BMW Client Advisor will get help get the CPM.

All costs, expenses and expenditures associated with the initial installation, maintenance and de-installation of the Ground Pad Module will be funded by BMW. Once deemed eligible for the Pilot Program, simply contact your local BMW Center for leasing options on a BMW 530e with CPM.

The application requires information about the location and type of building. The house must alos meet garage and electric grid standards.

The BMW driver must still pay for the electricity.

Qmerit Application 


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