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In connected car news this week were Velodyne, ANSYS, Dataspeed, AVL, TrianGrpahics, CARMERA, Audi, Cinemo, DENSO Ten and Ominivision,.

Level 5 Supports Dataspeed

Dataspeed Inc., a Michigan-based drive-by-wire provider and autonomous vehicle (AV) solution integrator, has announced that Level Five Supplies will support the company’s sales, marketing, and engineering services in Europe. This partnership will allow for enhanced service and easier access to Dataspeed’s advanced by-wire product offering for AV researchers and developers in the European market.

Pitstop Financed

Pitstop, a prognostics platform for predicting vehicle failures before they happen, toannounced $1.5 million in seed financing as well as a pilot test program with leading automotive supplier and intelligent transportation technology company, Continental. The funding round was led by Toronto-based VC fund Ripple Ventures with participation from WorldQuant Ventures, Hike VC, OCE, and MD from Clairvest Michael Castellarin.

License EV Charging

MPEG LA, LLC  announced the availability of the EV Charging Patent Portfolio License (“EV Charging License” or “License”) providing one-stop access to technologies underlying worldwide standards for conductive AC and DC charging, connection, communication and safety used in equipment that provides electric charging in and to electric vehicles. Standards used in China, Europe, India, Japan and the US are included.

The initial patent owners to MPEG LA’s EV Charging License are GE Hybrid Technologies, LLC; Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.; Robert Bosch GmbH; and Siemens AG.

Velodyne Wins Patent Lawsuit

Velodyne has won a patent challenge brought by competitor Quanergy. In making its ruling the US Patent Trial and Appeals Board on May 23, 2019 upheld the patentability of all claims in Velodyne’s pioneering ‘558 patent. The ‘558 patent relates to a lidar based 3D point cloud measuring system used for Autonomous Vehicles, ADAS, Robotic vision, and other diverse applications.

“Velodyne Lidar Inc. is the inventor of the surround view lidar and we were confident that our patent would be upheld”

“Velodyne Lidar Inc. is the inventor of the surround view lidar and we were confident that our patent would be upheld,” said Marta Hall, President, Velodyne Lidar, Inc. “The ruling was not a surprise because real-time surround view lidar was invented by our Founder, David Hall, and the company holds a number of foundational patents relative to this technology. We are an invention-based company and will always be inventing and innovating technologies, so we take protecting our hard-earned intellectual property seriously. In response to the ruling, we’ll be evaluating our enforcement options moving forward.”

Velodyne is the highest volume supplier of lidar sensors to the automotive industry with more than 250 customers globally. Lidar sensors are a central component of autonomous vehicles (AVs) and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Initially introduced as a solution for AVs, the lidar market is rapidly growing for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems which could reduce forward-facing driving accidents, biking, and pedestrian fatalities. The 3D vision of lidar is increasingly recognized as an important sensor to detect roadway danger and promote public safety.

The technology provides 3D vision, providing “eyes” for robotics and machines, for uses beyond automotive applications.

CityLift Parking Approved for LA

CityLift Parking, the leading provider of automated parking lift solutions, was granted Los Angeles Research Report (“LARR”) approval for its most recently completed project in Los Angeles. This is the first approval for a 3-level automated puzzle parking system in the City’s history.

CityLift’s puzzle lift automated parking system provides independent access to every space by lifting, sliding, and storing vehicles vertically and horizontally. Drivers self-park in the parking lift, reducing or eliminating the need for valet parking. This puzzle lift saves over 60% of the space required by a conventional parking garage and reduces the cost and timing for construction.

AVL Scenario in Virtual and Real Environs

As a leading test system provider, AVL is developing a scenario based open verification and validation toolchain which enables test preparation and execution of ADAS and AVs in virtual and real road environments. Virtual testing thereby requires digitalized traffic scenarios which optimally reflect the real road traffic situations. The effective creation of realistic virtual 3D environments such as complex roads and intersections is now addressed by AVL List GmbH in cooperation with the Berlin based TrianGraphics GmbH, a specialist for 3D graphics and automatic content creation. “We provide a toolchain to validate autonomous functions which are installed in a real vehicle to virtual traffic situations. This enables us to test a vehicle in a pure simulation or on an AVL DRIVINGCUBE™, our vehiclein- the-loop test environment, anywhere in the world under most realistic conditions in a reproducible way”, says Kai Voigt, EVP of AVL Instrumentation, Software and Technology.

TrianGraphics  3D Integrated

TrianGraphics‘ 3D modeling software Trian3DBuilder will be integrated into the AVL scenario based verification and validation toolchain to enable testing and validation of ADAS and AV systems in a realistic virtual environment. Raw data from various sources such as Open Street Map or other ground truth data sources can be enhanced to test a variety of visually close-to-reality scenarios covering rural and urban areas as well as motorways on all continents. Stephan Kussmaul, Managing Director, TrianGraphics GmbH, says: „With our focus on automated scenario generation we can provide versatile test environments in a highly effective manner. We are especially proud to partner with such a strong and innovative partner as AVL to bring our proven solution to an even broader user base”.

Lear & CARMERA Partner

Lear Corporation  a global automotive technology leader in seating and electrical and electronic systems, today announced that it has signed CARMERA, a leader in real-time, high-definition maps for autonomous mobility, as a development partner in its EXO Technology Partnership Program.

Lear’s EXO high-accuracy vehicle positioning technology is a proprietary Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) solution designed to meet the demands of the automotive industry and drive change through increased accuracy, reliability and functional safety in vehicle positioning.

Audi Joins SEMI

SEMI, the industry association serving the global electronics manufacturing and design supply chain, announced that AUDI AG, a leading German manufacturer of luxury vehicles, has become the first automotive OEM to join SEMI. SEMI membership will give Audi access to SEMI core competencies in developing international standards and harmonizing technology roadmaps and enable the automaker to leverage the global SEMI platform to promote industry alignment across supply-chain segments.

Audi is a founding member of the SEMI Global Automotive Advisory Council (GAAC). Anchoring the SEMI Smart Transportation vertical market platform, GAAC members address automotive technology issues such as device and system reliability and connectivity, promote industry standards, and align roadmaps of carmakers with adjacent industries to accelerate time to market. GAAC has chapters in Europe, the U.S., Japan and Taiwan.///

Cinemo & DENSO 10 Partner

Cinemo, a global leader in high performance and automotive grade multimedia playback, streaming, media management, connectivity and cloud middleware, have announced  that Cinemo and DENSO TEN, an internationally recognized manufacturer of car navigation, infotainment, and communication systems continue their collaboration on projects that set a benchmark in smart integration demonstrating a consistent choice in execution and robustness and enhance the quality of car head units.

High performance multimedia including ultra-fast media management, intelligent unified connectivity, and state-of-the-art projection automation such as Apple CarPlay, Google Android Auto and Baidu CarLife, have been a mainstay of the DENSO TEN partnership over the past four years.

The projects between Cinemo and DENSO TEN offer a stunning array of dynamic and future-proof features that transform the digital cockpit into an interactive communication platform capable of delivering a smarter, richer, more interactive in-car experience.

OmniVision  Intros OX01D10

OmniVision Technologies, Inc., a leading developer of advanced digital imaging solutions,  announced the OX01D10—its next generation 1MP image sensor for automotive viewing applications. This sensor brings together split-pixel and dual conversion gain (DCG) technology, delivering artifact-free motion capture, high dynamic range (HDR) of up to 120 dB, as well as LED flicker mitigation (LFM).

These features increase driver safety because more scene details can be captured by rear view and surround view cameras while operating over the full automotive temperature range. Additionally, the OX01D10 provides excellent image quality in demanding lighting conditions such as capturing objects in motion along with LED signs and headlights.

OmniVision Partners is Fulhan

OmniVision Technologies,and Fullhan Microelectronics, a provider of chips and solutions for video surveillance products, today announced a joint solution for capturing and processing high quality color (RGB) and infrared (IR) automotive interior images, day and night, with a single camera.

This solution combines OmniVision’s OV2778 2MP RGB-Ir image sensor, which offers the industry’s best value with high sensitivity across all lighting conditions with Fullhan’s FH8310 image signal processor (ISP), which provides dedicated hardware for processing the RGB-IR sensor. The result is high quality video for both machine vision in-cabin monitoring systems (IMS) and viewing applications, simultaneously, providing easily integrated solutions for facial recognition, the detection of objects and unattended children, remote monitoring, and recording for ride-hailing and robo taxi vehicles.

eSilicon Leverages ANSYS Simulation

eSilicon is pioneering complex system-in-package designs with significantly increased speed, efficiency and production-proven accuracy thanks to ANSYS . eSilicon leverages ANSYS’ industry-leading multiphysics simulation solutions to ensure silicon to system success — driving time-to-market acceleration for its high-bandwidth networking, high-performance computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G infrastructure customers.

ANSYS’ industry-leading multiphysics simulation tools enable eSilicon to affordably model, verify and validate the physical, electrical and electromagnetic behavior of advanced FinFET chip, 2.5D package and board designs. Effectively performing these chip-aware system and system-aware chip analyses tames the complexity of system-in-package designs and drives silicon to system success.

Mellanox Tec Advances FinFET

Utilizing ANSYSpower integrity and reliability signoff solutions, Mellanox Technologies is advancing its FinFET design decisions to create intelligent interconnect solutions and services. With ANSYS’ cutting-edge semiconductor solutions, networking semiconductor leader Mellanox Technologies meets performance requirements for next-generation, high-speed networking designs faster than ever.

Increased cross coupling of various multiphysics effects — including power, thermal and reliability — pose significant challenges for FinFET design closure. Multiphysics analysis is critical to overcoming these challenges and designing extremely complex, large and power-hungry chips, despite narrowing design margins and tighter project schedules. Mellanox Technologies leverages ANSYS to tame these multiphysics challenges with razor-thin accuracy and ensure silicon success.

ANSYS RedHawk SC Elastic

ANSYS® RedHawk-SC’s elastic compute scalability expands design capacity by running 3x larger designs with production-proven accuracy in less than 24 hours — enabling faster time-to-results and increased productivity. RedHawk-SC’s elastic scalability eliminates previously needed expense, empowering Mellanox Technologies with maximum computational resource flexibility to run its largest full-chip designs flat with detailed accuracy.

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