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Pioneer & Arm Treasure Data Partner for AI

Pioneer Corporation has agreed to jointly develop data analysis/behavior and accident risk prediction models with Arm Treasure Data, the data management business unit of Arm Limited (Headquarters: Cambridge, U.K.), based on artificial intelligence (“AI”) technology.

Mitigating traffic accidents is a critical global issue leading public attention to be drawn towards mobility reforms and next-generation transportation. In the joint development, Pioneer and Arm Treasure Data will conduct behavior/accident risk prediction models based on Pioneer’s Intelligent Pilot, its ADAS solution for vehicles on the road, to reduce traffic accidents by combining the two companies’ technologies. The prediction models include Pioneer’s digital map data analysis technology and Arm Treasure Data’s customer data platform construction, analysis and expertise.

Through this collaboration, both companies will help reduce traffic accidents of all vehicles including motorcycles.

Each role in the joint development

  • Pioneer
    Based on Intelligent Piot, collecting mobility data, constructing analysis/prediction models using digital map data, and implementing such data and analysis into a platform
  • Arm Treasure Data
    Building the mobility data collection, designing analysis algorithms using collected data, and supporting predictive model construction with Arm Treasure Data enterprise customer data platform

Background of the joint development

1.35 million people were killed globally in 2016 by traffic accidents. More than half of the victims were vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists*. Under this situation, the joint project aims to reduce traffic accidents across the entire spectrum of mobility, and not simply automobiles.