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Ecomotion News Coming from Ford, GuardKnox & Vayavision

Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford is set to open the main event at 7th Annual EcoMotion Conference. “EcoMotion Week 2019” enables global exchange regarding the state of affairs within the autonomous driving and smart mobility sectors, and also demonstrates to the world the success of startups in Israel. The event presents a diverse networking opportunity for professionals in these sectors to exchange ideas with each other as they build the technology of tomorrow.

It has been reportedly rumored that bronze partner Ford will announce a research facility in Israel.

Israel has proven to be a technological hub for hundreds of startups within the autonomous driving and smart mobility sectors, with many companies boasting cutting-edge technology calling the country their home. In recent years, due to this incredible showing, numerous companies seeking such technology have taken notice of Israel and the strengths it has to offer.

In this rapidly advancing landscape, EcoMotion works to embolden this success even further by connecting Israeli startups to automobile manufacturing companies and their suppliers, as well as investors. Bolstered by the support of communities all over, ranging from startups to large corporations and investors, research institutions and universities to the government, EcoMotion leverages this support in order to complete its mission of driving the state of mobility technology, both within Israel and beyond, into the future. It aims to achieve this goal with the events it hosts, such as Hack-a-thons and Investor Seminars, as well as its main focus, “EcoMotion Week”.

The GuardKnox team will be at  EcoMotion Week. The company is a bronze sponsor of this year’s EcoMotion. Register and come meet us at our booth.

VAYAVISION, a developer of autonomous vehicle perception solutions based on raw data fusion and upsampling, today its participation at EcoMotion 2019, including a live demo of VAYADrive 2.0, the company’s innovative environmental perception solution.

“We are moving towards a future of widespread autonomous vehicles and must embrace the technology that can address current challenges facing the market,” says Ronny Cohen, CEO and co-founder of VAYAVISION. “Our ground-breaking raw data fusion and upsampling technology has great potential worldwide to transform the AV industry with better machine perception, and we are excited to showcase our solution to the world at EcoMotion 2019.”

The demo comes on the heels of the start-up’s appointment of European automotive veteran Carl-Peter Forster to their advisory board and entry into the European Market as a result of funding from the European Innovation Council’s (EIC) SME Instrument Grant – a grant offered by the European Union to innovators, entrepreneurs, small companies and scientists with bright ideas and the ambition to scale up internationally. VAYAVISION is one of a handful of companies chosen with headquarters outside of the EU, indicative of the company’s forward-thinking ideas and practical ability to adapt and customize its software for the European market.

Backed by Viola Group, MizMaa, OurCrowd, LG and Mitsubishi Capital, VAYAVISION will offer the first demo of VAYADrive 2.0.