Self-Racing Audi drives faster than most humans

Race car drivers are learning from connected car data and now self-driving cars are learning from race car drivers. Standford University researchers are using data

Self-driving driverless autonomous connected cars have their good, bad and funny features

The autonomous car became ubiquitous after all the buzz at CES, so much so, it was part of a routine on The Tonight Show staring Jimmy Fallon with some very funny pros and cons of self-driving cars.

The routine brings up all the stereotypes of what people do and how they behave in cars and what they will do in self driving cars.

Pro: Ford will make on for customers with small budgets. Con: Lamborghini will make one for customers with small male genitals.

Pro: Not having to steer can free up your hands for other important tasks. Con: You can give people two middle fingers at once!!.

Pro: Asking your car to drive to the place where you and your wife had your first date. Con: Hearing the car respond, “It’s time to move on Gary. She did.” (This one is very similar to the virtual assistant car by KPMG.)

Pro: Watching your car to car turn left after you say, “Take me to Walmart.” Con: Watching your car turn off a bridge after the radio play “Take Me to the River.”

Pro: Hooking up in back seat. Con: Getting a speeding ticket after the car thinks it’s being told to go “Faster! Faster!”

Pro: It’s lead to sweeping changes int he automotive world. Con: “Car and Driver” magazine is now just called “Car.”

Pro: The latest most advanced model is the Audi A7. Con: The earliest models were the “Dodge Deathbox” and “The Toyota Turn Please Turn!” and “Honda Holy Hell Get Me Out of This Thing!”

Because this is a holiday we ask our readers to contribute their own pros and cons of self-driving cars in the comments below. You can also comment on what your favorite feature of self-driving cars will be…