Eye-Net Mobile Partners with WunderCar Mobility for Safety Alerts

Foresight Autonomous Holdings Ltd., an innovator in automotive vision systems, announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary, Eye-Net Mobile Ltd., has signed an agreement with WunderCar Mobility Solutions, a German-based software, vehicles and service provider that enables companies and cities worldwide to launch and scale new mobility services.

As the urban use of micro-mobility vehicles such as electric bikes and electric scooters expands, safety solutions for all road users become increasingly important. According to the agreement, Eye-Net will be included in Wunder Mobility’s Marketplace online platform and will introduce its Eye-Net™ Protect accident prevention solution to potential global corporate customers seeking mobility tech-focused applications. Wunder Mobility has partners in more than 900 cities around the globe who use its platform to power carpooling, ride-hailing, fleet sharing and rental services, as well as to purchase sharing-ready vehicles, finance their fleets, and extend their software.

The Eye-Net™ Protect safe micro-mobility solution is an intuitive and easy-to-use mobile application that provides real-time pre-collision alerts to pedestrians and micro-mobility users. The Eye-Net™ solution suite enhances road safety and situational awareness for all road users in the urban mobility environment by incorporating cutting-edge AI technology and advanced analytics.

“The Wunder Marketplace provides mobility providers with seamless access to services that fit their needs and that can be easily connected to their existing software ecosystem. We are delighted that Eye-Net is using our Wunder Marketplace to further drive its expansion into the European market. With their innovative solution, Eye-Net is hitting a nerve, especially with cities, as they place great importance on the safety of micro-mobility vehicles,” said Gunnar Froh, CEO & Co-founder of Wunder Mobility.

“Eye-Net is now targeting the European market following a successful expansion of activities in Japan. The Wunder Marketplace is a great platform to expose Eye-Net™ Protect to mobility providers. Micro-mobility vehicles typically lack any kind of safety warning system, and the engagement with Wunder Mobility provides an out-of-the-box solution for micro-mobility operators looking to enhance their users’ safety,” said Dror Elbaz, COO & Deputy CEO of Eye-Net Mobile.