Used-Car Subscription Service Takes a Turn at Most Services Included from $150-700 a Month

The trend toward subscriptions services instead of leasing is now available for lease-returns of Mercedes-Benz, AUDI, Volkswagen and smart vehicles from AutoGravity the service is called “Turn.”

It sounded too good to be sure. But mid-way through writing this article the “Turn” website went down after we were able to read through some of the “fine print.”

The subscription includes the monthly  maintenance, comprehensive and collision insurance, and roadside assistance. Drivers will have to obtain their own liability insurance. Before thinking the prices are best deals ever—-liability insurance can run you $65-$75 a month.

The Turn service launched today in Los Angeles the real deal is a the smartfortwo electric mini vehicle for $150 a month there’s an e-Golf for $325 a month. A 2016 Volkswagen Jetta Sedan 1.4T SE is going for $300 a month. Many of the super deals are already reserved. Mileage on the vehicle can be anything from 20,000-50,000 except for the EVs. The top beauties are MB SLK convertible for $600 a month or a 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class for $700 a month.

While writing this article all the smartfortwo’s were reserved.

After selecting a car the order is executed via mobile application or web interface and an arrangement is made to have the vehicle delivered to the customer’s door.

There is start payment due at the very beginning which looks to be 3x the monthly payment.

Buyers who are not satisfied with the car, can return the car by the end of the next business day for a full refund of the starter payment and first month’s payment. From what we can tell the starter payment is like lease–due at signing and it is not refundable no matter how long you keep the car.

Turn specifies in it “Terms of Agreement”

We may receive compensation from Turn Operators or other third parties involved in the subscription process.”

We are not a party to any transaction between you and any Turn Operator that originates on or through the Services. Information about vehicles is supplied by Turn Operators or a third-party provider, not by us. We do not guarantee that any particular unit of vehicle inventory will be available from a Turn Operator.

To return the vehicle the driver notifies the company through an app. While writing this the Turn website went down and was not functioning and asked for login without showing details.

“It’s your turn-–Turn….” There is also a turncar iPhone app. What it appears to be a deal with car dealers for shorter term leasing bundled into a easy-to-use system….when it works.

It turns out Turn may not be that great after all…..

If any readers have had a turn at Turn please let us know in the comments below….