Ford Makes a Better Pass for Connected Car Free Subscription Policies

Connected car remote operation of doors, climate control and other features is all over the map. You may need an app to keep track of what features come with what car models. If you really want remote access to your vehicle through a smartphone app—it could cost close to $180 a year for remote access depending upon the vehicle make, model and year. However new announcements are making remote connections cheaper for long. Today Ford announced FordPass Connect is free!

What Happened with GM, Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac and GMC Remote Access?

When GM launched its remote features—it’s vehicles came with five free years of basic service. Quietly GM changed their plans to give only three months of of the OnStar Remote Access Plan then charging $14.99 a month. GM performed more than 307 million mobile app interactions in 2018. However the new Amazon Alexa feature will be included in the free plan.

What Kind of Connections Come for Free with VW Car-Net?

Meanwhile Volkswagen announced that new Car-Net owner will get five-years free remote access. Hyundai includes three years of remote free access.

How Long is FordPass Connect Free?

Previous FordPass depending on the year could be free for one-to-five years. The FordPass, powered by FordPass Connect, and FordPass Connect service is now completely complimentary.

FordPass Connect allows owners can remotely start/stop/unlock their vehicles, schedule maintenance and even accept Amazon package delivery.

Also complimentary is FordPass Rewards, the accompanying customer loyalty program. The program allows members to earn points that can be redeemed for complimentary maintenance with the purchase or lease of a new Ford vehicle. Customers earn points on service spending at Ford dealerships. When customers join FordPass through the app or online, they automatically become members of FordPass Rewards.

With the change, Ford becomes the first full-line automaker to offer its remote vehicle features and connected service complimentary to all customers on select model year vehicles equipped with FordPass Connect.

This move is Ford’s next step in improving its customer experience; the company is working to make each part of its ownership experience easier and worry-free, building customer loyalty over time.

FordPass, introduced in 2016, currently has more than 1.5 million active members and has been growing steadily each year. The FordPass App can be downloaded for free at Google Play or the App Store. Message and data rates apply.