HARMAN HALOsonic Makes EV Alert Noise Sounds

The EU ‘Regulation on the Sound Level of Motor Vehicles’ (540/2014) was implemented on July 1, 2019 that requires cars to be equipped with a sound system that emits some kind of noise when traveling at slower speed. HARMAN offers a solution to EV makers.

Leveraging over 60 years of audio expertise, HARMAN created the external Electronic Sound Synthesis (eESS) system, featuring technology that projects a specific sound from speakers at the front and rear of the vehicle. Speed and throttle position sensors determine the volume and characteristics of the eESS signal warning pedestrians of an approaching vehicle. HARMAN’s eESS is optimized to operate in urban environments where the risk of collision with pedestrians – especially the vision-impaired, elderly, children and cyclists – is the highest.

In addition to increasing pedestrian safety and ensuring OEMs are in compliance with the new EU governmental regulation, HALOsonic also offers customizable in-cabin sound management solutions through its internal Sound Synthesis technology called iESS.. For instance, the welcome sound that greets drivers when the car turns on, the shutdown sound when the motor is switched off, and the overall engine noise can all be engineered to reflect every automakers distinctive sound DNA needs. Whether it’s the purr of a sporty engine or a hum that resembles a spaceship, HALOsonic has the power to help OEMs establish their own sound-signature.

The deployment of active noise management technologies is expected to make significant inroads when it comes to ensuring pedestrian safety. With HARMAN’s HALOsonic solutions, OEMs can confidently and seamlessly equip their vehicles with cutting-edge technologies to meet the latest governmental regulations.