Connected Car Crazy Caption: Volvo No Cars at Auto Show

We are grateful that our readers know a good joke and have great senses of humor. We have not had many new things that deserved a “Connected Car Crazy Caption” until the recent announcement from Volvo that they will not revealing a new car model or showing any vehicles at this year’s LA Auto Show.  Let’s look at the title of the event THE LA AUTO SHOW—–it’s a show and it shows automobiles to perspective buyers in Los Angeles.  On Sunday AUTO Connected Car News will be revealing the best ultimate guide to the LA Show and it will not include “be sure to stop by the Volvo booth” to look a the new Volvos.

We have been telling people for years, “You have to go to the LA Auto Show, you can see tons of cars with no pressure from dealers and you may find the perfect car for you.”

Leave to Volvo to offer the anti-booth. Volvo announce “Volvo Cars comes to Automobility LA this year with a world-first: not a single car on the stand.:

Instead, the company will demonstrate its vision, redefining what a car can be. How consumers experience a car brand is today more important than chrome, leather or horsepower. So on the Volvo stand, visitors will look to the central space where they would expect to find a car, and instead see a simple yet surprising statement: ‘This Is Not A Car’.

Since Volvo wants to do something crazy the company surely deserves this Connected Car Crazy Caption:

Happy Thanksgiving!

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