AutoMobility LA Tech Startup Finalists

Organizers of the Los Angeles Auto Show (LA Auto Show) and AutoMobility LAa nnounced the finalists for its fifth annual Top Ten Automotive Startups Competition(Top Ten).

In the coming weeks, the Top Ten will be narrowed down to three companies that will pitch their product or technology to a panel of judges on Tuesday, November 27 during the conference portion of AutoMobility LA. Immediately following the pitch session, the judges will determine this year’s grand prize winner and award the startup with $15,000. All finalists will receive exhibit space at AutoMobility LA and exposure among influential automakers, tech industry leaders, developers, investors and more.

Presented by Plug and Play and Sirius XM Connected Vehicles, this year’s Top Ten finalists were selected from a pool of innovative startups from around the world that presented forward-thinking ideas designed to accelerate groundbreaking solutions within the converging transportation and technology industries.

This year’s AutoMobility LA finalists are as follows:

  • AEye: A robotics perception pioneer and creator of iDAR, AEye is a new form of intelligent data collection that acts as the eyes and visual cortex for autonomous vehicles.
  • Affectiva: An MIT Media Lab spin-off, Affectiva is the leading provider of Human Perception AI – software that detects complex and nuanced human emotions and cognitive states from the face and voice.
  • CARMERA: CARMERA is building the world’s most robust street intelligence platform, specializing in large-scale “living” high-definition maps for autonomous vehicles.
  • DarwinAI: DarwinAI is a deep learning software company focused on optimization and “explainability” for neural networks. The company’s technique (called generative synthesis) ingests virtually any deep-learning network be it computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), or speech recognition — and provides multiple highly-optimized, compact versions of it.
  • Electric Vision Aircrafts (EVA): EVA is a company developing the first compact electric and autonomous vertical take-off and landing aircraft.
  • Freer Logic: Freer Logic is a developer of leading-edge technology that reads your brain (neurotechnology) from the headrest of your car. The embedded neurobiomonitor (NBM) can detect whether you are too distracted or drowsy to drive safely or your cognitive load is too heavy.
  • Metamoto: Based in Silicon Valley, Metamoto enables companies to safely and comprehensively validate AV software in the virtual world before hitting public roads. Metamoto’s innovative, on-demand simulation solutions outpace physical testing by orders of magnitude and perform the level of testing and training necessary to make AVs a near-term reality.
  • Metawave: Metawave delivers WARLORD, a smart radar platform, for safe Level 3 and 4 autonomous driving in all weather conditions.
    Thor Trucks: An LA-based commercial electric mobility startup, Thor Trucks tackles fleet management problems; their first product is an all-electric semi called the ET-One.
  • what3words: what3words is the first addressing system designed for voice input. The company currently partners with some of the largest brands in the automotive and mobility industries.

“This year’s Top Ten finalists provide a glimpse of what the future of transportation will look like,” said Terri Toennies, General Manager and Executive Vice President of the Los Angeles Auto Show and AutoMobility LA. “This competition continues to grow each year from both the caliber of submissions and the companies that are involved as sponsors or judges. We are very proud of the submissions we received, the finalists that will have a presence at our show, and the significant companies taking part in our annual event.”


AutoMobility LA’s 2018 Top Ten Automotive Startup Competition will be judged by leaders from major companies in the automotive and technology spaces, including Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Plug and Play, Porsche Consulting, Sansea Consulting, and Sirius XM Connected Vehicles.