The Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Buy a Tesla 3 connected car

model-3The number future Tesla 3 owners who are placing $1000 deposits is amazing for good reasons. CEO Elon Musk reported over 325,000 cars or approximately $14 Billion in preorders in the first week. He noted that the orders are primarily for personal use because only 5% ordered the maximum of two, suggesting that there are low levels of speculation.

Here are some very compelling reasons to order a Tesla 3 now.

  1. Most likely, if there continues to be a Democrat in White House and tax codes are renewed you can get a tax credit of $7500 lowering the price and in certain states such as California, there will be a check of $2500 sent to you.
  2. In some municipalities such as Los Angeles or San Diego, you can get a discounted rate on your electricity at night. We suspect the cost per mile for energy will be between 7 and 8 cents a mile. Some utility companies will give you a rebate for the ESVE (charger). If you have your own solar panels, you will not have pay for electricity cutting down operational costs.
  3. You’ll have something to talk about for the next two years and you will have the honor of being the first to get one. When the first iPhone came out, the people who had one were popular at parties.
  4. You will help control global warming/climate change for example in Los Angeles County, A 2015 Tesla Model S – 60  produces about as much global warming pollution as a gasoline vehicle getting 83 miles per gallon. We suspect the Tesla 3 which will be made in the gigafactory where all the parts don’t have to be transported, will be better see video below. Gas cars whether luxury or not, add 20 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere for every gallon of gas burned and release other toxins such as NOX and particulates.
  5. You will be safer. Due to new safety standards new cars are safer. The Tesla 3 will meet top 5-Star safety features. It will most likely have an autobraking feature which cuts down on collisions significantly. We know for sure it will have AutoPilot hardware standard ($3,000 for covenience features) which avoided a side collision for Joshua Brown. The car he calls “Tessy” gave a “take over” warning chime and the car moved to right to avoid the side collision. See second video below.
  6. Free super charging at super charging stations will get you to major cities. The only things for sure are death, taxes and the price of gas will continue to increase. Tesla vehicles retain their value. We seen reports from Tesla S drivers that it is more economical than other luxury cars due to the free charging at super charging stations and maintained resale value.
  7. Your deposit will help fuel Tesla Motors to ensure it will be funded and more electric cars will be made.
  8. You’ll have bragging rights for years to come. You can say “I was one of the first to own and Tesla 3 and I’m proud”
  9. You get maxi luxury for a mini price. Tesla Motors has proven itself to offer luxury quality such as concierge warranty repairs, over-the-air updates to more features and exclusive offers to owners such as launch parties. In March, Kelley Blue Book reported that the average cost of new car was $33,666 which is just slightly less than the base price for the Tesla 3 before subsidies. If you plan on owning the Tesla 3 for a long time, your cost of ownership vs a gas-fuel vehicle will be less.
  10. The Tesla 3 is expected to be a great car to drive and have the features of a small luxury car as well as many connected car features:
    • The Tesla 3 range will be at least an EPA rating of 215 miles with an option upgrade to a bigger battery. This range is better than any other EV for less than $50,000 currently on the market until the Chevy Bolt comes out. It will go from zero to 60 mph in under six seconds.
    • All model 3 will come standard with Autopilot hardware and owners will not need to buy an additional package.
    • Telsa 3 will accommodate 5 adults comfortably with plenty of leg room for persons up to 6′ 5″ tall. The back seat will fold down for more storage space.
    • The Tesla 3 will have great suspension, air suspension adjusts the ride height for the current road condition.
    • On the rear roof is one continuous pane of glass for feeling of openness.
    • There are front and rear trunks, more storage than any gas car of same dimensions and it will fit a 7′ surfboard inside.
    • Super charging is standard giving owner the freedom of travel. There are 3600 superchargers worldwide the number will double by the end of next year, while the number destination chargers will quadruple.
    • There are 215 store/service locations will double to 441 locations for sales and service.
    • There is a portrait 15″ screen for Internet connections. Since other Tesla vehicles have a free 4G LTE connectivity, we suspect the Tesla 3 will have it too.
    • A trailer hitch for light towing will be available.
    • A tight nose for coefficient of drag of just 0.21, better than the 0.24 for the Tesla S which will help efficacy.
    • Rear-wheel drive is standard, with an option for dual-motor all-wheel drive costing less than $5000.
    • The gigafactory will build the batteries with the largest building of any kind. It will produce more Lithium batteries than any area of the world combined. It will produce the most advanced technology batteries in the world.

Do you have any more reasons to buy a Tesla 3?  Please post then in the comments below.

7 thoughts on “The Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Buy a Tesla 3 connected car”

  1. It will not have autopilot standard. It just has autopilot hardware. You pay if you want it activated.

    Some safety features, like auto braking, will be standard.

  2. The downsides for a Tesla 3
    First-when you go to sell the car after use for several years-the used car buyer will want to know who pays the 10,000 for a new battery when the old one may die in the foreseeable future when he buys it -so resale price may be very Low to cover that event
    Second where is the spare tire _-if you use the “frunk” there is so little room in the trunk that even that ski board may not fit
    If you can accept the downsides and I do it’s going to be a great car

    • Great Points:

      Speaking as someone who owns an electric car without a spare tire and with a $5,000 battery. I’m not worried.

      I’m thinking of buying run flat tires.
      There are aftermarket shops popping up that recondition the batteries for half the cost of buying new ones. $2500 is about the price of an engine job.

  3. The rebates, federal and state, shall amount to 5 billion dollars ($7500 + $2500 X 500,000 cars) per year when tesla will run the plant at full capacity. This is a huge chunk of money to be given to rich people, and the obvious result will be that it will reduce the money available to social programs intended to address the needs of low-income population. It’s time to stop the rebates – note to whoever the next president will be – or suffer the consequences.

    • First of all, they will cap the number of cars that will be eligible for rebate in the US like they always do for any vehicle tax credit. Furthermore, the $2500 isn’t a federal credit and won’t be available in all states. Second, there are only 325,000 cars reserved so far…worldwide. If there are only 200,000 eligible for the federal rebate it will amount to less than 2 billion which is much less than wasted on the many ill conceived welfare programs for the lazy. At least the money will remain in the US.

    • From IRS:

      Qualified Plug-In Electric Drive Motor Vehicle Credit (IRC 30D) Phase Out
      The qualified plug-in electric drive motor vehicle credit phases out for a manufacturer’s vehicles over the one-year period beginning with the second calendar quarter after the calendar quarter in which at least 200,000 qualifying vehicles manufactured by that manufacturer have been sold for use in the United States (determined on a cumulative basis for sales after December 31, 2009) (“phase-out period”). Qualifying vehicles manufactured by that manufacturer are eligible for 50 percent of the credit if acquired in the first two quarters of the phase-out period and 25 percent of the credit if acquired in the third or fourth quarter of the phase-out period. Vehicles manufactured by that manufacturer are not eligible for a credit if acquired after the phase-out period.

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