Most regrettable new cars

kiario2015Consumer Reports announced their list of the new cars owners regretted buying and owning the most according to 230,000 owners surveyed. New car owners were asked if they would buy their car again and what they loved or hated about it.

Jeep Compass SUV owners didn’t like the poor gas mileage and that it was under equipped for the price.

Owners of the Nissan Quest minivan disliked the poor visibly, continual variable transmission and poor service at the Nissan dealership. The model received the J.D. Power Award Recipient Initial Quality Study (IQS) by Category: Minivan.

For luxury cars, owners of the Mercedes-Benz CLA didn’t like the rough and noisy ride, short life of the tires and the cheap feeling for a Mercedes.

For family sedans, Nissan Altima owners found it horrible and irritating with poor handling.

The most complaints about a sporty car were for the Hyundai Veloster, for lacking power, being cheaply made and a too hard ride.

The least liked pick-up truck was the Nissan Frontier for poor fuel economy and terrible turning radius.

The most disliked regrettable car of all was the Kia Rio with the most dissatisfaction for overstated gas mileage and poor comfort.

Connected technology affects reliability. In the Consumer Reports Reliability Study, Nissan’s Infiniti brand continued its downward trajectory because of problems with its InTouch infotainment system. Cadillac dropped seven places to near the bottom, plagued by its CUE infotainment system, says CR.

Consumer Reports had to change the score on the Tesla S after learning from Consumer Reports’ data, the Tesla Model S earned a worse-than-average predicted reliability score. Used Tesla Model S start at around $60,000 on TrueCar. While pre-owned Tesla S models with a warranty start at $67,800.

What car did you regret buying the most? List it’s make, year, model in the comments below along with the reason why you regretted buying it.

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  1. I think how you regret is dependent upon how much you pay for the car. My friend had a Yugo and paid only $500 for it, she was amazed at how well it ran!

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