Smart full display mirror sees what is behind the car even without a rear window

fulldisplayrearmirrorAt SEMA  in Las Vegas, Gentex Corporation showcased a solution that allows race car drivers to see what is behind them even if there is no rear window– its the full display mirror that Gentex made for Nissan: the Full Display Mirror on the GT-R LM NISMO race car.

The complete rear vision package includes glare-eliminating exterior mirrors and a Full Display Mirror system.

The FDM system is made up of a custom, high-dynamic-range imager that captures video of the vehicle’s rearward view and streams it to a unique mirror-integrated display. These same technologies were used on the GT-R LM NISMO during the 24 Hours of Le Mans earlier this year.

Gentex’s SEMA display showcased the OEM production version of its FDM technology as well as demonstrate potential future FDM functionality.

Earlier this year, GoPro joined the NISMO race team from concept to cockpit as Gentex built the radically different LMP1 Nissan GT-R LM NISMO. The GoPro team followed us through the testing and development stage all the way to the Le Mans 24 Hours to produce this amazing 4K mini-documentary.

At the New York International Auto Show, the World Traffic Safety Symposium named the Nissan Smart Rearview Mirror a 2014 Traffic Safety Achievement Award recipient, a recognition given annually to organizations and individuals that help create a safer environment for motorists and pedestrians.

In addition to the ability to provide a clearer rear view, the Smart Rearview Mirror can also display a crisp, clear image in a variety of other circumstances. The high-quality camera and image processing system implemented in the LCD monitor consistently produces an image with minimal glare, even during sunrise or sunset conditions or when being followed by a vehicle with strong headlights. Visibility during nighttime driving and at dawn and dusk are also improved from that of a standard rearview mirror.