CarMD to diagnose car health problems with OBD-II device and app

CARMDCarMD announced the new CarMD Mobile to monitor vehicle health. CarMD Mobile will be available beginning mid-November 2015. Bluetooth-enabled CarMD Mobile features an on-board diagnostic (OBD-ll) tool that plugs into a car’s computer and pairs with a smartphone through a free CarMD app (iOS and Android). It can diagnose problems at the car auction or in the driveway.

Previously, car owners used CarMD to¬† diagnose their car’s check engine light problems and make sure they weren’t overpayint for car repairs. The new version works with smartphones. It gives estimates of repairs as well as checks for codes that can be problems in the future.

CarMD Mobile shows vehicle history and enhanced health reports to help negotiate a car repair or used car purchase. Also new is CarMD’s Predictive Diagnostics detailing what is most likely to go wrong with a car in the next year including estimated repair costs.

CarMD tells car owners what’s wrong and what caused it in easy-to-understand language then details the estimated repair time and parts needed. CarMD eveloped the largest database of validated fixes for OBD-related problems, applicable to more than 240 million cars, trucks, minivans, SUVs and hybrids on the road in the U.S. today.

Here’s what the new CarMD device and app can do:

  • Bluetooth-enabled tool.
  • Patented LEDs (green, yellow, red) on the CarMD tool that indicate if a tested vehicle has a current or hidden problem.
  • Free CarMD app with Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) scan to help accurately identify the vehicle being testedj.
  • Unlimited Vehicle Health Reports for each registered vehicle.
  • Personal portal (online and mobile access) to manage registered Garage Vehicles and get product support.
  • Option to access your CarMD Dashboard, manage your Garage Vehicles and email/print reports from an online computer with free, updateable software
  • 5 free reports to see vehicle history, ownership costs and MPG (plus, option to purchase more).
  • Toll-free access to U.S.-based Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)-certified techs.

We expect a report coming from CarMD detailing what cars are the most costly to repair, later this year. We were also told that green car data is now in their reports and the hybrid and electric vehicles are fairing well, so far.