Car-Net nets poor reviews and Apple Watch app soon

applecarnetVolkswagen announced that VW’s Car-Net platform will be compatible with the Apple Watch  for many new Volkswagen models. The Apple Watch app will be available globally on all VW Car-Net enabled vehicles.

The current version VW Car-Net on the App Store (1.5.1435) has an average rating of 1.5 stars with reports of many bugs. For instance, one user noted that you can see that the doors are unlocked but there is no way to lock the door remotely. There are complaints that in order to locate the car GPS has to be constantly be running on the iPhone which drains the battery.

One reviewer wrote “However, in its current iteration, the app is nearly useless and the service fee is too high for what’s provided.” There are reports that it takes up to two minutes for the remote start feature to work. Users pay a monthly fee of around $20 for the service which some users are cancelling.

VW has told users that it is working on improving the Car-Net app. Since the Apple Watch uses information from the iPhone, the app should be hopefully be fixed before the Apple Watch version is released.

The Car-Net app for Apple Watch will hopefully enable more remote features than currently available. The app will car-netreviewsremotely lock/unlock doors, show  status of doors, windows and sun roof (open or closed). It also offers remote locating, walking or driving directions to the vehicle and honk the horn honking or light flashing. Users can receive speed and boundary alert notifications to monitor certain drivers.

TDI Clean Diesel engine VW owners will be able to remotely check their fuel level,  all-electric e-Golf owners can check their current charge and estimated driving range, turn charging on or off and access climate control features.

VW Car-Net is available on select trims of 2014 and later Beetle, CC, Eos, Jetta, Passat and Tiguan models and on all trims of 2015 and later Golf, Golf GTI, Golf R, Golf SportWagen and e-Golf models.

Car-Net for Apple Watch will be available in the App Store for Apple Watch, found in the Apple Watch app on iPhone.

Volkswagen recently announced that it is committed to MirrorLink, Android Auto and CarPlay through its modular infotainment platform in 2016 model cars. Automaker apps when released are prone to bugs and bad reviews such as BMW. GM’s OnStar RemoteLink however has garnered the best reviews.