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New break for auto braking- Bosch works with video no radar required

BoschcameraBosch developed a stereo video camera that can be used for emergency braking systems based solely on camera data. Normally, most auto braking systems require radar or radar with a camera.

Needing only the stereo camera, the Bosch system makes emergency braking more affordable to deploy.

Land Rover now offers the stereo video camera together with the Bosch emergency braking system as standard in its new Discovery Sport. This system was developed through collaboration between Bosch and Land Rover.

When the camera recognizes a vehicle ahead in the lane as an obstruction, the emergency braking system prepares for action. If the driver does not react, then the system initiates maximum braking.

The Discovery Sport passed the Euro NCAP test  with five stars and achieved one of the best results in the “safety assist” category for 2014. Starting in 2016 for high Euro NCAP scores pedestrian protection is require. Bosch notes that the stereo video camera can be adapted for pedestrian functionality.

The stereo video camera in the Sport is used for road-sign recognition for speed limits and the lane-departure warning system.

The camera covers a 50-degree horizontal field of vision and can take measurements in 3D at a distance of over 50 meters, that can be used as building block for autonomous driving.

The camera is very small. Bosch developers have integrated the control unit for into the camera housing allowing integration of the camera into the rearview mirror especially easily, impeding the field of vision only slightly.

The Bosch camera also meets ASIL B safety requirement according to ISO 26262.