Radio tops in connected cars, high satisfaction connected car features

radioimportant Research shows radio use in cars and some interesting connected car stats. Jacobs Media’s web survey of radio and entertainment preference had 41,634 respondents. It found that when buying a new car radio is very important and most people are satisfied with their in-car infotainment systems.

The car continues to be an important story for radio broadcaslikesystmeters. A majority of the audience spends the lion’s share of their listening in a moving vehicle. Among those who are in the market for a new vehicle in 2015, nearly nine in ten (89%) say an AM/FM radio is very important.

Of the 18% of the total sample with a connected car, satisfaction with these systems is very strong. Three-fourths love or like their in-car media systems. Nearly one-fifth have a connected car and three-fourths love or like their in-car media and entertainment systems.

connectcarThe vast majority (74%) say they rarely or never change their car radio pushbuttons or media settings.

More than eight in ten (81%) now own a smartphone. And one-third (34%) of respondents with a mobile phone say they’re addicted to these gadgets. Pandora is the dominant smartphone app among those who download radio applications on their smartphones and tablets. But complaints about a lack of song skips and Just as many people who wake up with the aid of clock radio now rise and shine with a cell phone (both with 40%).

More than six in ten are able to connect a smartphone or mp3 player in their cars.

Overall 2% of respondents own a smartwatch. For the rest of the sample, 37% are very or somewhat interested in getting one.

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