Summit Tech shows VoLTE for connected cars & drive-thru ordering MWC15

smarterphoneonwheelsSummit Tech will demo the first Voice over LTE (VoLTE)/Rich Communication Services (RCS)-capable Connected Car in collaboration with Alcatel-Lucent at Mobile World Congress 2015. The best part of it is that when connected to Jack in the Box or Taco Bell the associates don’t sound like they are in a garbage can while the drivers can see an invoice with order details that appears on the screen and pay for the “meal.”

Summit Tech says that VoLTE’s high-definition voice and rich communications can now be easily extended to the connected car.

Features of the Summit Tech VolTE car are:

  • LTE car: Multi-line / Multi-user.
  • VoLTE.
  • VoWiFi.
  • Call Handover.
  • Location Share.
  • Gesture Control.
  • RCS Text2Speech Messaging.
  • Heads Up Display Video Share.
  • Realtime Diagnostics Share.

The driver can be automatically linked to the drive-thru attendant with a standard Android or Windows phone using an HD audio call, instead of the crackly drive-thru speakers.  After the order is placed, confirmation and an electronic invoice are displayed on the car’s in-dash display. The driver can then complete a mobile commerce transaction to pay for their meal.

The system works with Heads-Up Display systems in cars, so that users can view their calls, messages or data while keeping their eyes on the road and manage them using gesture control.   Alcatel-Lucent’s IMS solution that supports mobile and WiFi, car occupants have support for VoLTE, video communications, IP messaging/chat and social presence.

Summit Tech and Alcatel-Lucent will demonstrate how VoLTE/RCS enable the car to become a secondary device to complement a user’s smartphone. The Connected Car can hand-over calls, transferring calls to the car without any user interaction.  Even if their smartphone battery dies, a user can continue the call from their car.

The VoLTE Connected Car can automatically informs the caller that the call is not private if there are other passengers in the car.  The caller is then can leave a message rather than being heard by all on the speaker phone.  Once the driver is available for a private conversation, the system can prompt the caller to call back.