MWC Connected Car Tech News 3: CarFi, Cisco, AetherPal &Accenture

Here are more announcements and news related to connected car tech from Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, Spain. News includes Huawei’s CarFi, Cisco, AetherPal and Accenture.

HuaweiCarFiCarFi for Car Wi-Fi Hotspots

Huawei CarFi converts vehicles into WiFi hotspots on wheels. Delivering download speeds of up to 150 Mbps and connectivity for up to 10 devices, Huawei CarFi can be moved from one vehicle to another. At Mobile World Congress Huawei deployed the Huawei CarFi in 400 branded vehicles in Barcelona, Spain.

Huawei CarFi automatically turns off when no WiFi-compatible device is identified, and can be used to charge other electronic devicesas long as car is in use. Huawei CarFi does not contain a battery to protect against overheating in hot climates. CarFi has a built-in self-regulating temperature protection function that automatically lowers the temperature of the device when necessary.

CarFi fits into the cigarette lighter or in-car charger outlet. To turn it on press the “on” button. It can also be controlled remotely by Android and iOS smartphones using the ‘Huawei Hilink’ application available to download via all major app stores.

CarFi has become available via operator EE in the United Kingdom from November 2014.


Cisco Supports AT&T

Cisco  announced that AT&T, will use its virtualized mobile Internet solution in helping to support AT&T’s auto maker customers in providing advanced connected car services.

M2M services, such as connected cars, require a fundamental transformation in the underlying mobile architecture reported Cisco.

AetherPal Pals with AT&T

AetherPal maker of connected device support software for mobile operators and automobile OEMs, provides in-vehicle remote support solutions for AT&T that allow customer care reps to remotely take control over the cars infotainment system to resolve issues in real-time for such things as apps, Wi-Fi hotspots and connected services.

Accenture Showcases Fiat 500X

Accenture showcased a FIAT 500X with FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) Uconnect LIVE features. The demos shows how passengers and drivers can access a suite of fully integrated services in the vehicle, also using a smartphone. The demo includes infotainment services, live navigation, and convenience apps such as car diagnostic control.