NXP shows connected car Budii system, MCUs @MWC & merger

NFCNXPNXP is becoming the world leader in semi conductors for automobiles through a merger with Freescale and participating in Mobile World Congress.

NXP Semiconductors will merge with Freescale Semiconductor  in a transaction which values the combined enterprise at just over $40 billion. Meanwhile, NXP is displaying connected car tech at Mobile World Congress including V2X, Advanced Radar, NFC, RFID license plate holders and more.

Recently, several new new automotive IoT processors with security from NXP and Freescale  were announced.

NXP Semiconductors contributed to Rinspeed’s Budii concept car. NXP will also highlight how drivers will experience autonomous driving, entertainment, and smart secure car access in the future in discussions and panels at Mobile World Congress.

NXP will discuss Secure V2X and High Performance Radar. Secure V2X extends the drivers’ view up to one mile beyond the line of sight, allowing drivers to ‘see’ around corners or beyond obstacles such as big trucks.

NXP’s RoadLink chipset for secure V2X will be integrated in Delphi Automotive’s communication platform in selected General Motors’ car models from 2017 onwards.Autonomous driving takes radar a step further with high performance radar, building new architectures that ‘cocoon’ the car with high performance radar sensing.

The Rinspeed concept car, Budii uses NXP Smart Key technologyto securely identify the drivers as they approach the car, unlock it showing customized lights and message. Budii also has wireless Near Field Communication (NFC)-based charging pad inside the car charges the smartphone wirelessly while syncing the phone and car to activate customized colors, mirror positions, radio stations, temperatures and seat settings. NFC is also used for mobile payments.

Budii’s intelligent license plates, fitted with long-range secure RFID tags, enable easy access to restricted parking areas. Payment can be automatically arranged while leaving the parking area.

Budii features NXP’s latest generation of software-defined radio, which has just entered mass production. It also features intelligent amplifiers to enhance sound quality.

More Merger Information

With revenue of greater than $10 billion, the entity will become the market leader in automotive semiconductor solutions and the market leader in general purpose microcontroller (MCU) products.