Blue Link links to Android Wear smartwatches

Blue Link SmartwatchHyundai Blue Link for smartwatches is now available from the Google Play and Android Wear. An Apple Watch app will follow. The app connects to the driver’s smartphone via Bluetooth to lock, start or find the Hyundai via voice commands or tapping on an icon.

The app works with Blue Link enabled Hyundai vehicles with Blue Link paid subscriptions. Blue Link started to be available first with Hyundai Genesis models. It can also be activated on Hyundai Sonata, Hyundai Elantra and Azera.

Voice activated features include remote engine start, remote engine stop, remote door lock/unlock. remote flash nights/honk horn, car finder, roadside assistance and call Blue Link.

Remote functions can then be made from almost anywhere in the U.S. as long as the user’s smartphone has a Bluetooth and cellular or Internet connection.

New Hyundai cars come with one year trial Blue Link however if the owner doesn’t continue the service for one year, Hyundai may disable the service completely. Notices of deactivation have led to a class action lawsuit.

Hyundai sent us the current pricing for Blue Link, it is offered in three service packages: Connected Care, Remote and Guidance each cost $99 a year.

  • Connected Care package (complimentary for 1-year) $99-a-year thereafter.
  • Remote Package (Blue Link Subscription Required) (3-Month complimentary trial package) $99-a-year thereafter.
  • Guidance package (3-Month complimentary trial package) $99 a year.

The Hyundai website also states car owners can not buy services a la carte.

Hyundai previewed the app for smartwatches at CES in January in Las Vegas. The company plans to stop putting CD players in its cars.

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  1. Blue Link is more for Hyundai`s benefit than for the customer. They have the ability to monitor everything you do. And to make it even worse, there is no way to deactvate it. Even if you never register with Blue Link, it keeps sending Hyundai all your information.

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