Self-Gassing Volvos to fuel customer connections?

volvodeliveryLast year, Volvo pioneered parked auto package delivery. It is being reported that Volvo is looking at personal assistant fuel delivery, with owners never having to pump gas again.

The Daily Mail reported that Volvo is researching a new service that would deliver fuel to cars. When the tank is near empty, a text message is sent to a mobile fuel distributor to go to the vehicle and fill the tank.

The fuel company would have a secure code to open the gas cap while the driver could be any where.

Volvo does not comment on its products in development, however Klas Bendrik, Volvo’s CIO did note that smartphones are unlocking the potential to fuel new connections with cars and customers.

Bendrik has been quoted as saying “It’s all about finding solutions that are intuitive and easy to use and that create benefits in the everyday lives of our customers,” in relation to the package delivery service.

Volvo is on the forefront of offering new services to its customers. It offers web connections in the United States through AT&T. The company’s City Safety won the Tech CARS award for best ADAS feature in 2014. City Safety has reduced insurance rates for customers with the feature.

Volvo Cars’ cycle helmet communicates with cars to avoid collisions.

Volvo hopes that by 2020 that no one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car. The Volvo XC90  is super safe and Volvo is the first to offer run-off road and brake at intersection safety. Volvo automatically receive a 4-year subscription to Sirius Traffic and weather information with new Model Year 2015 Volvos with Sensus Connect.

To sell give customers the feeling of being inside a Volvo XC90, Volvo offered a virtual reality Google Cardboard app to view all parts of the inside and outside of it.

As CES, there were demos of self-parking cars by BMW and Volkswagen. Many automakers are working on self-driving cars, self-fueling cars seem interesting, but self-cleaning cars would be absolutely divine. Imagine how nice it would be to have all the fast food wrappers, coffee cups and other junk miraculously removed from a car through a smartphone app.