Volkswagen Connected Car Tech @intlCES, self parking, remote parking CarPlay, Android Auto & MirrorLink

vwcarplayandroidautoVolkswagen is demonstrating  many high tech features at the CES, including auto-docked charging, smartphone/app integration, gesture controls and autonomous/semi-autonomous driving.

At CES, VW  e-Golf models show auto-docking to inductive charging stations that indicate the battery state-of-charge via the exterior lights.

appconnectVW  introduces the second generation “modular infotainment platform” (MIB II) with MirrorLink(App Connect), CarPlay Android Auto.

Volkswagen Car-Net has new functions:

  • Media Control enables the integration of tablets and smart watches into the infotainment system and uses a special app that creates a new-age rear seat entertainment system.
  • Regular Routes the navigation system automatically detects traffic disruptions on the daily commute to work and  suggests an alternative route.
  • Parking Guide finds parking sites that have a high probability of available parking spaces.
  • Digital Key lets third parties use a smartphone or smart watch to temporarily and safely gain access to the vehicle and to start or stop the engine.

NOTE: Volkswagen Car-Net is nominated for the Tech CARS Award for bestsmartphone integration. Vote now.

golftouchThe Golf R Touch concept vehicle at CES has an infotainment unit using cameras to detect hand gestures without touching the touchscreen and then determines what they mean. Gesture control will make it possible to control displays and functionality without having to use a touchscreen.

The Volkswagen Golf R Touch concept vehicle has three displays: the 12.8-inch high-resolution infotainment system touchscreen; a Control Center (8.0-inch with touch feedback) arranged beneath it to control vehicle, climate control and media functions; and an Active Information Display (digitalized instruments, 12.3-inch). All the screens can be custimized.

VW also shows a new process for self-parking, Trained Parking. From camera scans the VW  parks semi-automatically controlled by a computer. The car can be parked  remotely, using a smartphone to control it

Future electric VWs  will also be able to semi-automatically park above an inductive charging station and the driver can monitor the operation with a smartphone as a “remote control” device.