Volvo Auto Delivery in Your Trunk Wherever You Roam @ MWC

Volvo is wovolvodeliveryrking on using smartphone/smart devices, connecting cars to delivery services, called “Roam Delivery” that will be demonstrated at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, this week.Delivery services can get a digital “key” to your Volvo and while you are at work and your car is in the car park deliver packages in your trunk. An app lets you know when your packages are delivered.

When the owner accepts the delivery, a digital key is activated that tracks when the car is opened and then locked again. Once the delivery is completed, the digital key is destroyed and doesn’t work any more.

The app is part of the Sensus Connect system that allows for a connected cloud vehicle and GPS. With Sensus Connect, Volvo drivers can find and pay for parking from the car, locate restaurants and stream music.

Volvo noted that 60% of people who ordered goods, experienced delivery problems through online shopping last year. Failed first-time deliveries are expensive and digital keys now make it possible to transform the car into a pickup and drop-off zone.

Test customers testimonies showed that 92% of people found it more convenient to receive deliveries to their car than at home.  Customers also said it saved time. Sensus Direct will also be demonstrated at Mobile World Congress.