SDK opens spaces for CrowdPark-ing apps

anagogFor develops who want to develop parking apps, Anagog, real-time parking SDK adoption is growing quickly. Anagog’s CrowdPark uses the mobile’ device’s native sensors to anticipate soon-to-be empty parking spots and provide a map of current vacant parking spots.

Anagog is working with parking provdier Milgam and Parking Now, Train Alarm and GPS Maps for Sony’s Smartwatch2.

The Train Alarm app uses Anagog’s location and mobility SDK to recognize locations and wake up passengers when they get to their stop, with no power footprint.

GPS Maps offers users a way to direct drivers back to their car. Parking Now leverages Anagog’s SDK to help users locate exactly where a users’ car is located and the time it was parked so that parkers can head back to the car in time to avoid parking fines.

Anagog’s patented CrowdPark technology delivers parking visibility for each street section, directing drivers to available parking spots and shows how long the spots have been open, including parking restrictions.

Anagog also shows a short list of ideal vacant spots – based on the combination of driving and walking distance, and then navigates drivers to their chosen parking spot.

Anagog’s solution provides this real time parking visibility automatically without the need for costly physical sensors, municipality involvement, or relying on other drivers’ involvement.

Bosch is working on a separate platform using automotive sensors to find parking spots. FordĀ  and AT&T are supporting developers to help develop more parking and automotive apps in the United States. There were no winners of the Los Angeles Parking App challenge, therefore Angelenos still have to find their own parking spaces.