AT&T Drive Studio drives more apps, partners and hackathon connected car apps winners

antisnoosewinnerAT&T Drive Studio was busy at CES promoting new apps as well as developing new apps and announcing partnerships. There are five new applications for the AT&T Drive connected car platform. The apps include AetherPal, Audiobooks, Dash Radio, eventseeker, and Glympse. At the AT&T Developer Hackathon, new connected car apps were developed and a winner was announced. AT&T also announced a partnership with Samsung

AT&T Drive’s cloud-based platform features connectivity and billing solutions to data analytics, infotainment, and firmware over-the-air updates.

The new AT&T Drive apps are:

  • AetherPal Smart Care – remote support solutions for drivers and their cars with reps to diagnose, address and resolve issues for support in-vehicle applications.
  • provides audios books, browsing streaming an downloading of 55,000 titles with new releases added every week.
  • Dash Radio  radio with no commercials across its 60+ original live stations, programmed by DJs
  • Eventseeker is a personalized event service for recommendations on events in the user’s area.
  • Glympse – lets users share their location in real-time with anyone,  integrating multiple touch-points, including the connected car, mobile devices and wearable technology.

AT&T Drive Studio’s is  sponsored by Samsung includes for software solutions around IMS service and their handsets, tablets and wearable devices.  AT&T Developer Summit, hackathon participants used the AT&T Drive Software Development Kit.

The AT&T Connected Car Apps Hackathon Winner was also the best app for all of the hackathon with winners winning $25,000. Anti-Snoozer uses Intel 3D cameras to detect sleepy drivers. The driving app’s facial recognition detects if the driver is yawning, blinking frequently, shifting of the pupils, or eyes are closed. When any of those actions are detected, the driver’s smartwatch will vibrate to try to wake him/her. To disable the alarm the driver has to look into the camera. The app will also set off red LED lights to alert other people on the road that the driver is being a hazardous driver, as well as text friends and family at home.

Other Apps Developed

Personal BlackBox – A system that tracks how you drive, the health of your car, and can provide valuable information about your surroundings in the case of an accident. The app can collect the Bluetooth IDs around you, so you can find out more about who hit you or locate witnesses. It will also collect data about your route, how fast you were going, and more for the collision report that the app generates.

FamJam – This caretaker call management app is targeted around care giving and managing calls while you’re driving. If you’re driving and a call comes in from one of the people you’re responsible for you can decide not to take the call using your smartwatch. Additionally, if a doctor calls for a parent, you will be alerted so that you can join the call. It will also block calls when a teenager is driving.