Bosch makes record MEMS and offers parking finding tech

EmptyParkingLotbigTop automobile supplier Bosch now produces four million MEMS a day and announced that it offers technology that will help find parking spaces.

Thanks for the MEM-ories

Robert Bosch is the number one automotive supplier in the world. Bosch also announced that MEMS sensors have been used in automobiles for 20 years.

While it took 13 years to manufacture the first billion MEMS sensors, the Bosch Automotive Electronics division now manufactures the same quantity in less than one year at its production facility in Reutlingen, Germany where it produced the five-billionth MEMS sensor. More than four million sensors are currently manufactured every day.

Bosch Senses a Market for Finding Parking

Bosch sensors on the road surface and in passing cars automatically identify and report available spaces. Drivers will be able to find an available parking space conveniently through real-time online parking maps.

Wireless sensors installed on the pavement recognize whether a parking space is occupied or not, and share the information via the internet.
In the future, even cars passing by available parking spaces will be capable of reporting them. The ultrasonic sensors installed in many modern cars to support their parking assistance functions identify gaps along the side of the road.
Transmitting  real-time parking information to users’ smartphones or directly to their cars’ navigation devices can help shorten drivers’ often taxing search for parking spaces. In Germany, the average search for a parking space takes ten minutes.

 Wireless Grounded Sensors

The wireless sensors installed on the pavement are built into stable, semicircular plastic housing similar to bot dots with a life of several years. An energy-saving radio transmitter in the sensor reports this information to a receiver that is capable of gathering data from hundreds of sensors. The status information is then transmitted over the internet to a database and software makes a map of open parking spaces.

Drive-by Parking Space Recognition

Another solution developed by Bosch allows cars to recognize parking spaces as they drive past them. Sensors already installed on the cars, can be program to record parking availability.