Clarion NX605 voice, Bluetooth, Google, apps, maps & more

clarionnx605Clarion introduced it news flagship infotainment system the NX605, an all new Double DIN cloud-connected in-dash multimedia and navigation with voice control, smartphone apps, navigation, social media and Google app integration.
The all new NX605 offer Clarion’s exclusive Intelligent VOICE technology makes searching simpler and more effective. It recognizes naturally spoken sentences and responds. For example, if  someone wants to find a restaurant, stating “I’m hungry,” the  NX605 will recommend restaurants nearby.

The Intelligent VOICE system give users navigation guidance directly from Google search results and then enables them to pull information in their Google Calendar and Gmail account.

The NX605 connects to smartphones allowing for the use popular apps such as iHeartRadio, navigation and social media apps for both iOS and Android. Smart Access offers real-time analysis of destination routes, allows for entertainment customization, safe access to social media networks, monitors status of the vehicle, and provides distraction-free smartphone app use while driving.

TheNX605 has a built-in navigation system that features anRDS-TMC tuner withreal time traffic information from the Total Traffic & Weather Network service as well as over 11-million points of interests.“Intelligent Tune” features Virtual Stage Enhancer to keep vocals in the foreground while creating a dynamic sound field based on surround elements extracted from the source material.

It features a DVD/CD player, USB connectivity, built-in Bluetooth, and is Pandora internet radio ready. It also features 4 volt, 6-channel RCA audio outputs and dual zone entertainment,(for rear seat DVDs viewing). The NX605 is also SiriusXM-Ready (sold separately, subscription required).
The new NX605 is expected to launch at the end of Q1 2015 with an MSRP of $1,099.99.