IBM study shows more personalized and autonomous cars in the futre.

IBMStudyIBM reported the results of its new Automotive 2025 Global Study, forecasting greater personalized driving experiences by 2025 through connected car tech,  developed through partnerships with other industries.

Entitled “Automotive 2025: Industry without borders,” the study was developed by the IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV).

The study shows that by 2025, the automotive industry will not only recreate our highly personalized and digitized lives inside our cars, but also offer personalization for drivers and passengers.

Like other smart devices, the vehicle will be an integrated component in the Internet of Things. It will collect and use information from others concerning traffic, mobility, weather and other events associated with moving around: details about driving conditions, as well as sensor-based and location-based information for ancillary industries, such as insurance and retail.

The report found that consumers not only want to drive cars– they want the to be able to innovate and co-create them along with related services, such as infotainment.

Addressing consumer expectations now ranks behind only technology in order of importance to the automotive industry.

  • By 2025 nearly 80% of the executives felt in-vehicle cognitive technologies would allow a vehicle to configure itself to a driver and other occupants. Also, it will be able to learn, heal, drive and socialize with other vehicles and its surrounding environment.
  • 87% of the participants felt partially automated driving, such as an expansion of today’s self-parking or lane change assist technologies would be commonplace.
  • 55% said highly automated driving, where the system recognizes its limitations and calls driver to take control, if needed, allowing the driver to perform some non-driving tasks in the meantime, would also be adapted by 2025.

The study notes that  industry growth will come from delivering additional value rather than just selling more vehicles.

  • 73% of all executives rated collaboration with other industries as the best opportunity for industry growth as it progresses toward 2025.
  • 75% of all executives expect non-traditional industry partnerships to have a key role in the automotive ecosystem by 2025.

The IBM Automotive 2025 Global Study is based on interviews with 175 executives from automotive OEMs, suppliers, and other thought leaders in 21 countries. Read report.