Auto Club responds to connected car privacy policies by car makers

AAAcardAAA’s President  Marshall Doney responded to proposed “privacy principles for vehicle technologies and services” developed by the automotive industry.

He stated that AAA is encouraged that automakers are taking a first step to address consumer rights with connected car data, but this agreement falls short of providing consumers the right to control their own information.

The Auto Club remains concerned that industry continues to prevent consumers from having access to a competitive choice of automotive services.

Consumers should benefit from market competition as the new services derived from datae, and no company should put unfair limits on consumer choice.

“AAA urges automakers to develop a clear framework in concert with industry experts, including consumer representatives like AAA, that guarantees that consumers can share car data with any trusted service provider of their choice. AAA will remain committed to ensuring consumers have real choice and are able to enjoy all the benefits that connected cars have to offer.”

AAA has worked with the Federal Trade Commission for more than a year to address consumers issues related to connected cars.

Consumer Watch also voiced concerns that the rules were not stringent enough and that the car makers don’t have to take stronger measures to prevent hacking.