Tesla to offer “affordable” adorable Tesla 3 for $35K

tesladashTelsa may soon be entering the realm of “affordable” cars in the price range of high end Chevy Volt or Nissan Leaf but with 200 miles of driving on a charge.

The Tesla Model 3 will start at $35,000 in 2017. IT will be a smaller version of the Tesla S with similar distance and battery options.  First Tesla will make the Model X SUV with gull wing doors due out later this year.

tesachargingTesla confirmed to news sources that “the next vehicle Tesla will produce after Model X will be a mass-market electric car known as Model 3.

Tesla does not  have any more details to share at this point. Their focus continues to be on Model S and preparing for the introduction of Model X.

Analysts contend that before Tesla can make a $35K car the price of the batteries will have be reduced by mass production. Analysts also estimate that by the time the Tesla 3 is available both GM and Nissan will offer 200 mile range EVs.

There is still some contention that EV batteries are not safe when in fact experts agree that EV batteries in commercially available vehicles in most cases are safer than gas-powered cars.

The Tesla S and its huge 17 inch screen is very popular with testers and drivers and has been called the king of connected cars.  The Tesla S was recently hacked and Tesla is looking into it.