BlackBerry QNX Powers CarPlay, Mood Music and More

Bentley QNX DashBlackBerry QNX is a software platform that is being used in many luxury high-end vehicles with advanced features as well the ability to have music based played according to your mood…

QNX software is being used for or mapping, communication and entertainment systems in Ford, Chrysler, Hyundai, Jaguar, Porsche, Audi (see video below) and BMW vehicles.

IHS’s analyst Boyadjis estimates QNX will generate about $100 million in revenue this year, about 90 percent from the auto industry.

However, inside automotive head units QNX and Apple do not compete. QNX lets CarPlay show the larger cleaner iOS interface on connected cars.

OnStar systems  uses QNX for emergency alerts and hands free features.  Google’s Android os is being used for the infotainment systems for the Kia Soul And Mercedes SLS AMG.

QNX software has small micro kernels that continue to operate that work when another kernel freezes, preventing crashes.

According to the Offical QNX blog notes that Gracenote is working on ways to play music according to the mood of the occupants through Mood Grid technology. The software keeps track of the when and how people play songs, the software “auto-magically” plays the right songs. Video appears below as the first video.

In February 2013 QNX Software Systems became a contributing member of the W3C’s Automotive Web Platform Business Group, dedicated to accelerating the adoption of Web technologies in the auto industry. The plan is to establish a standard API for accessing speed, RPM, tire pressure, and other vehicle data.

QNX won the Embedded World Award for QNX Acoustics for Active Noise Control, the new QNX solution for eliminating engine “boom” noise in cars.

QNX supports data navigation from Elektrobit, HERE, Kotei Informatics and Aisin AW.

QNX technology allows users to give voice controls while music is playing. At CES QNX showed a concept Bentley with a 17″ screen for advanced voice commands, advanced mutlimedia system, video conferencing and LTE connectivity (video follows).