Nissan Autonomous Auto-Driven, Robotic Car (Leaf) Drives into Future of Connected Cars Post 2014

NissanAutonomousDriveNissan has pledged to offer robotic, autonomous vehicles by 2020. Driver-less Nissan Leaf test vehicles are being tested under many conditions.

Nissan tests vehicles in a dedicated autonomous driving city in Japan.  The track has real houses  for life-like self-driven car testing without using public roads for maximum safety.

Toyota EVs Prius Can Charge While Parked without Plugs Using WiTricity

TToyotachargingoyota’s electric cars are charging into the future with a new way of charging provided by WiTricity that allows batteries to be charged over  a distance.

Instead of plugging a cord into the car, the car is parked over the wireless charging system and is automatically charged.