Airbiquity Video from 2013 Shows More Functionality than iPhone CarPlay

We saw a great demonstration of the Airbiquity Choreo System inside a Nissan Rouge at the L.A. Auto Show with Scott Frank. If you are wondering about the functionality of the other connected-car systems besides CarPlay, watch the video below.The Airbquity system already has voice control and allows for all the apps on a smartphone.  An added bonus that CarPlay does not seem to have yet is parental controls over certain drivers. Parents of teens will appreciate that feature which also tracks the location of the family member.

Airbiquity supplies the operating system for Nissan, which will getting CarPlay after 2014. We have a call out to their pubic relations team to see if anyone can comment on CarPlay.

This video was first shown in May 2013 and is still ahead of its time.