Renault Kwid Lauches Bird’s-Eye View of Connected Car with Flying Copter Drones

Kwid Renalut with DroneWe drivers in low riding compact cars often wish we had bird’s eye view of traffic like SUV and truck driver’s see. In the future, a car may send out a flying quadro-copter flying companion drone that will eagle scout dangers and traffic on the road ahead.

Renault besides its auto-connected concept car, the “Next Two”  also showed the Kwid copter concept car at the Chicago auto show.

Renault claims “the flying companion is the first of its kind in the automotive world.” It launches from the rotating rear portion of Kwid’s roof, then it scouts traffic, takes landscape pictures and detect obstacles on the road ahead.

The Bird can be operated from a programmed flight path or via GPS, or from a tablet inside the car.

The Kwid is designed for young Indian buyers with an interior as comfy as a bird’s nest.

Kwid is an international concept car, conceived by a team of international designers, coming from France, India, Russia, Japan and Brazil.

We are wondering if Kwid came to U.S. and mated with Amazon Drone would the eggs deliver little packages while sending back Tweets?