Black Hat Hack into Connected Car: DeviCAN Can Stop Your CAN Bus

CHTdeviceThere is a Bluetooth hacking tool that can bite into the Controller Area Network of cars’ computer and can stop the car and cause a lot of mischief.

At Black Hat Asia Spanish researchers Javier Vazquez-Vidal and Alberto Garcia Illera will show a device that when connected to cars can turn off headlights, set off alarms, and roll windows down or set the parking break. The device is called deviCan Hacking Tool or CHT. It cost sabout twenty dollars to make and connecteds to the car’s CAN Bus computer system.

Bluetooth can only be used a few feet away, however they are working a system to control it with a cellular radio to activate commands from farther away.

Depending upon the car, the CHT can be attached quickly without the owner knowing it is there.

The researchers got the idea at Defcon when hackers with a laptop computer were able to trick a Ford Explorer and Toyota to acting out of control.

The Title of the seminar is “Dude, WTF in My CAN! ” The dudes hope that car makers will close this form of hacking.

Javier Vasquez Vidal isĀ  Security Consultant for CarIT, and has worked for companies such as Airbus Military and Visteon. Alberto Garcia Illera has presented at several seminars where he has helped teach hacking techniques to large companies such as Microsoft, the Spanish government, and the cyberterrorism Spanish police department.