Traffic Cones Stop Autonomous Vehicles in San Francisco in Protest

In protest of the bad affects of nonvenomous vehicles services in San Francisco a group named @safestreetrebel is requesting residents to place cones on the hood of vehicles stopping them.

“So what’s the deal with self driving cars all over San Francisco?. These companies promise their cars will reduce traffic and collisions. But instead they block buses, emergency vehicles and everyday traffic. The person and their partner fleets are great everyone all the time without any. And most importantly, they require streets that are designed for cars, not people or for profit companies to stay dominant and make a part of our transit to stay afloat.

But we can do something about it. First, find the cone. They’re everywhere. Then gently place it on the cars hood. Make sure their car is unoccupied and repeat. It’s really fun and anyone can do it.

There is a  way to comment on July 13. There’s a state hearing for these companies to expand operations in San Franciso. Hell no we do not consent to this. Tell these companies what you think the morning public comment

They request comments at

They Tweet,” There’s also no accountability when AVs block buses or first responders, and unlike human drivers can’t get ticketed for moving violations. And they refuse to share data with the public about incidents- forcing the city to scrape this dumb website to get an estimate.”

These cars are recording everyone without our consent- Cruise gives SFPD camera footage. Lives are saved when we remove the car, not just the driver. The lengths VCs and the auto industry will go to preserve & expand car dominance are shameless & unacceptable.

Cruise and Waymo do not deserve our trust. Why go through all this when we can just fund & expand public transit and paratransit like other cities?

There’s also no accountability when they block buses or first responders, and unlike human drivers can’t get ticketed for moving violations. And they refuse to share data with the public about incidents- forcing the city to scrape this dumb website to get an estimate.

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