Sony Vision-S Developing in Austria

The Vision-S by Sony was revealed at CES. The prototype aims to deliver Sony’s own technology, a full entertainment experience with 360 Reality Audio in the speakers built into each seat, and intuitively operated panoramic screens. The VISION-S Prototype also comes with AI, 5G, and cloud technologies with the aim of continuously updating and evolving the car’s functionalities.

Developing cutting-edge technologies for secure driving and creating in-car entertainment, Sony will contribute the evolution of mobility.

After CES 2020, the prototype model was transported from Las Vegas to the development center in Graz, Austria, where joint development efforts are under way together with partner companies such as Magna Steyr to prepare the prototype for test drives on public roads during FY2020.

Sony’s Creative Center design team designed the prototype with an oval-shaped concept to symbolize the experience of full 360-dregree immersion in sensing technologies and entertainment. Advancements in sensing technology have changed the value of mobility, enabling even greater levels of safety and entertainment. Based on this new value and the ongoing evolution that next-generation connectivity creates, the team then came up with a platform for a four-passenger EV including original designs for the exterior, interior, UX/UI, and even communication design. The end result expresses both Sony-style simplicity and the cutting-edge feel of an EV.