Tesla Cybertruck–Most Ain’t Seen it Yet What? Nah?

The Tesla Cybertruck is news 68% of ordinary Americans know about the Tesla Cybertruck. However only 44% of them have seen it while 56% can’t comment because 24% haven’t seen it and 32% don’t know what it is.

After polling over 21,143 Americans about their views on the Cybertruck Pipslay reaserch found, among those who are not impressed, about 22% of them say that they can’t relate to its looks or everyday utility. Only 20% of Americans think the truck looks quite futuristic, while another 9% feel that it will usher in a new era in automobile design. 44% say What? and Nah! Only 29% the Tesla Cybertruck a thumbs up.

The survey was conducted nationwide in the US in the month of November 2019. We received 21,214 responses from individuals aged 18 years or older.