Subaru, Toyota & Honda Most Loved for Years

CarFax reported that cars that are keep and loved the most. Subaru and Toyota dominate, taking eight spots in CarFax’s Top 10 list of the vehicles with the longest ownership from model years 2010 through 2019.

Model Score
Subaru Outback 100
Subaru Forester 99
Toyota Avalon 96
Toyota Highlander 96
Toyota Yaris 96
Toyota Sienna 95
Toyota Prius |95
Honda CR-V |93
Toyota Sequoia 91
Dodge Grand Caravan 91

In terms of very long-term loyalty among owners of 2010 models, 42% of Toyota Sienna minivans and Toyota Highlander SUVs in the data sample still had their original owner, the highest percentage of any models on the list.

Luxury Vehicles With the Highest Owner Satisfaction

Model Score
Volvo XC60 | For Sale 83
Acura MDX | For Sale 78
Buick LaCrosse | For Sale 78
Lexus ES | For Sale 77
Lexus RX | For Sale 77
Acura RDX | For Sale 76
Lexus GX | For Sale 75
Buick Enclave | For Sale 73
Porsche Cayenne | For Sale 71
Audi Q5 | For Sale 70

2012 Toyota Tacoma

2012 Toyota Tacoma / Credit: Toyota
Pickup Trucks With the Highest Owner Satisfaction

Model Score
Toyota Tacoma 87
Toyota Tundra 86
Nissan Frontier 86
Ford F-150 81
GMC Sierra 79
Chevrolet Silverado 78


CarFax only included models that were made in every model year from 2010 through 2019. Then, they looked at a sample of data from across the country to make sure that a meaningful number of each of these models are still on the road. They only included vehicles that they knew were personal cars, so that rental or commercial vehicles didn’t muddy the waters. After that, they calculated the percentage that have had only one owner over their lifetime.

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