Waymo Partners with AAA, MAD, NSC and Foundation for Blind Children

Waymo partnered  with AAA Northern California, Nevada and Utah, Mothers Against Driving, The Foundation for Blind Children and The National Safety Council,  to launch Let’s Talk Self-Driving.

This campaigns goal is to educate people about how self-driving technology can save lives and make r roads more inclusive by improving independence and creating new mobility options for everyone.

Waymo noted that AAA shares its mission to widely spread this information, Waymo hosted AAA School Safety Patrol members and students at its closed-course facility last month to show them fully self-driving cars in action.

To mark the 100-year anniversary of the AAA School Safety Patrol program, AAA has created a School Safety Lesson Plan as a free downloadable resource that grade school teachers can use.

As part of that effort, AAA partnered with Waymo to develop a Lesson Plan module about self-driving cars that encourages students to think about ways to make driving safer and how autonomous vehicles can reduce unsafe behavior such as texting and eating while driving.

AAA believes self-driving technology has the potential to further improve safety, mobility and convenience. We test and evaluate emerging vehicle technologies to educate drivers on their safety benefits and limitations, and provide feedback to the automotive industry. We even introduced a free self-driving shuttle in Las Vegas allowing more than 32,000 riders to experience the new technology for themselves, and tell us how it can be improved.