Hey Alexa Show I Can Pass the Drivers Test with Amazon Show

The Kansas Department of Revenue, in partnership with the Information Network of Kansas, recently launched its “Kansas Driver’s Practice Test,” the first driver’s license practice exam skill made for the Amazon Echo Show.

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The skill, which can be accessed on all Amazon Echo devices, will equip Kansans to be safe and informed about the rules of driving. While preparing users for their actual exam, this skill will support their learning by testing their vehicle and motorcycle knowledge.

“In a world filled with technology, government agencies must strive to be at the forefront of innovation and create services that help citizens,” said Mark Burghart, Secretary of Revenue. “This skill can help new and experienced drivers and is just one way we are working to meet the needs of Kansans and provide tools that support our state.”

Auditory and visual learners may find this skill particularly helpful. On the Amazon Alexa Show, Alexa will ask and show the questions and answers. In addition, pictures relating to the questions are showed allowing users the opportunity to create associations while learning.

“People learn in many ways and creating a skill that offers the audio and visual aspect was a must for us,” said David Harper, Director of Vehicles. “I am very excited to hear success stories from new Kansas drivers as they use this skill to help them learn.”

The “Kansas Driver’s Practice Test” skill is available in the Amazon app store