Mega Max Wireless GPS Tracking from ikonGPS

ikonGPS, a leader in automotive technology solutions, announces the immediate availability of the Mega Max, a wireless, battery-operated GPS tracking device. This device features a IP67 waterproof rated enclosure and a Lithium battery that can last up to five years. It is constructed with 30 pounds of magnetic pull and location accuracy within two meters.

“We are excited to announce the highly-anticipated release of the ikonGPS Mega Max. It’s a game changer, as we provide cutting-edge technology that’s not available anywhere else in the industry,” said Charles Stilwill, President of ikonGPS. “We have several thousand dealers that have been eagerly awaiting the benefits of this device.”

“With superior GPS performance and the ability to hide anywhere in a car, it is easy to install and conceal, while at the same time providing an ideal solution for tracking automotive assets,” said Stilwill. “It is also designed for reliable, multi-year deployments and allows users the ability to change reporting frequency.”

ikonGPS, headquartered in Arlington, Texas, is the telematics industry leader providing innovative automotive solutions and hardware on a state-of-the-art app, allowing customers to monitor, protect and optimize their vehicles 24/7 throughout the United States.