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New Shift in ASC Transmissions

Hyundai Motor Group has developed the world’s first Active Shift Control (ASC) transmission technology. The innovation optimizes transmission efficiency by monitoring gear shifts 500 times per second, precisely adjusting the transmission rotation speed to for faster shift times. The new technology will premiere in the upcoming Hyundai Sonata Hybrid and eventually benefit other upcoming Hyundai and Kia hybrids.

ASC applies new control logic software to the Hybrid Control Unit (HCU), which then controls the electric motor to align the rotational speeds of the engine and transmission to reduce gear shift time by 30%. The technology also delivers smoother gear changes despite quicker shift times.

Cobalt Industries YouX Intelligent Cabin

Cobalt Industries, the leader in contextualized biofeedback and sensor fusion technology, tannounced the launch of its new flagship automotive product YouX.

YouX is an intelligent cabin solution powered by an AI engine that processes real-time sensor information. It enables intuitive personalization that empathizes with passenger needs, wants and moods. The YouX engine learns from behaviors, trends and desires over time, giving passengers unparalleled customization, seamless interaction and fluid ease of use.

YouX’s differentiation lies in its unique AI capability, which personalizes the vehicle experience while preserving user data privacy and security. The unique software responds to user preferences and behaviors in order to anticipate and understand passenger needs.

The software benefits from Cobalt’s patented biofeedback technology, delivering the next level of in-vehicle passenger experience today. YouX is positioned to become the ultimate entertainment, safety and comfort platform for current and future vehicles.

Autotalks V2X Tested in China

 Autotalks, a world leader in V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) communication solutions and China’s Datang, a leader in developing C-V2X communications standards and the provider of system solution of C-V2X, have successfully tested chipset-level interoperability of their respective solutions for C-V2X direct communication. The testing took place during the final week of June in Beijing. The interoperability test enabled both companies to validate their solutions and determine that they interwork properly according to 3GPP Rel. 14 standards.

Flying Carpet Concept Suspension of Disbelief

Friedrichshafen. An innovative chassis concept from ZF focuses on ride comfort for vehicle occupants: Flying Carpet 2.0, the networked and predictive chassis, helps to protect occupants from uncomfortable vehicle movements, and smooths out bends, bumps in the road, and potholes in a predictive manner. With this system, ZF links advanced sensor systems, a smart control unit, and intelligent actuators. With this, the technology company is already laying important groundwork for transforming the automated vehicles of the future, enabling them to be used as mobile living rooms or offices.

The technical basis for this is the intelligent combination of various active and semi-active systems that predictively iron out adverse movements of the vehicle body. At the heart of this is the sMOTION fully active damping system that uses four actuators to adapt the suspension movements of each individual wheel according to the driving situation and road surface features.

Unlike conventional dampers, the sMOTION actuators respond to incoming stimuli by doing more than just controlling hydraulic resistance levels. Instead, they have a very compact, external electric motor and pump unit with integrated electronics that works as a bi-directional actuator. These units can elevate wheels upward together or push them downwards, individually and actively. When cornering, for example, the two inner wheels can be retracted and the outer ones extended so that the passenger car remains virtually horizontal. sMOTION helps counteract the pitching, rolling, and lifting movements that can occur when accelerating, braking, steering, or when driving over bumps in the road.

Audi Uses VR

Audi is embracing virtual reality (VR) with the Audi e-tron GT: Using VR glasses and controllers, employees from various departments test all assembly processes entirely virtually. Audi has developed in-house its virtual reality software for the process. This relies on 360-degree scans that provide a three-dimensional indoor map for the virtual space. The technology is being used for the first time for testing the assembly processes for the e-tron GT at the Neckarsulm site.

NuBrakes On-Demand Brakes

NuBrakes, an Austin-based on-demand, brake repair service, announced today that it has closed $720k in Seed funding. The funding was provided by Gurtin Ventures, Capital Factory, Contrary Capital, and others. NuBrakes currently offers service in Dallas and Austin, TX, and will use the capital to expand its brake services into new cities starting with Houston, TX.

Parasoft in MISRA Working Groups for Safety Critical Software

Parasoft, the global leader in automated software testingannounced that it has joined the MISRA C and MISRA C++ Working Groups to collaborate in the development of best-practice guidelines for the safe and secure development of automotive and safety-critical software. Parasoft joins the MISRA C++ working group at a critical time, as they work to develop a new integrated MISRA/AUTOSAR C++ coding standard. Parasoft provides the industries top automotive software suppliers with the broadest coverage for both MISRA and AUTOSAR standards, and joining the committee continues Parasoft’s commitment to help customers stay ahead of the rapidly-evolving threat landscape.

The Motor Industry Software Reliability Association (MISRA) committee provides coding guidelines that are widely utilized in the automotive and safety-critical industries to develop safe and secure software. Earlier this year, the AUTOSAR and MISRA consortiums announced the merger of their standards, and the MISRA committee is currently working to combine the AUTOSAR C++ and MISRA C++ coding standards into a single comprehensive industry standard for the industry to leverage.

Zagster in Salem Mass.

Zagster, the industry’s leading operations platform for the micro-mobility sharing economy, has teamed up with the City of Salem, Mass. to launch a scooter share pilot program. Zagster, with its scooter partner, Spin, is bringing 250 scooters to the market. Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll will officially launched the program with a ribbon cutting at the new park at 289 Derby Street. The city and Zagster will host scooter education and safety workshops.

Chroma and Altair Eng for HPC for EV Dev and Testing

Chroma ATE signed a strategic cooperation memorandum with Altair Engineering , a global technology company providing solutions in product development, high-performance computing and data intelligence. Chroma and Altair will work together to jointly develop tools for electric vehicle (EV) development and testing, as well as digital twins of e-Propulsion Testing Systems. This effort will involve the integration of model-based development simulation methodologies with Power Hardware-in-the-Loop (PHIL) testing to achieve the performance requirements of e-propulsion systems. The integration of the computational and the physical models will enable a seamless vehicle engineering and validation process.

Chroma advances digital twin system technology in the field of electric vehicle testing, providing a more realistic test solution for high-voltage power components and motor control. The solution will incorporate Altair’s simulation and machine learning technologies with Chroma’s power supply, loading management and battery charge/discharge system, high-voltage/high-power simulation output to achieve dynamic real-time simulation. The integrated solution will be able to simulate system abnormal state, failure mode analysis, etc., to reduce product development risks and improve test efficiency. With the rapid growth of electric vehicles, vehicle manufacturers and component manufacturers will face increasingly more demanding testing standards and requirements. This memorandum allows Chroma and Altair to leverage each other’s expertise and technologies to offer robust digital twin solutions addressing the complex design and certification challenges of the electric vehicle industry.

Iteris Funding by FHWA for ITS Arch.

Iteris, Inc. (NASDAQ: ITI), the global leader in applied informatics for transportation and agriculture, announced that it has received an additional $2.95 million in funding for a task order under its indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to provide continued development, evolution and deployment support for the intelligent transportation systems (ITS) reference architecture program.

Under the three-year task order agreement, which was initiated in June 2018 and is part of a five-year IDIQ contract with a contract ceiling of up to $19.5 million, Iteris will support the evolution of the Architecture Reference for Cooperative and Intelligent Transportation (ARC-IT) content to reflect changes in ITS, and connected and automated vehicle (CAV) developments. The program supports statewide and regional ITS planning and deployment to encourage interoperability and CAV preparedness through workshops, training and technical assistance. An important aspect of the program is alignment with and support for standards development activities, as well as international coordination of ITS architecture and standards concepts and approaches.

Bolt e-Scooters in D.C.

Bolt, a mobility company dedicated to revolutionizing transportation by providing safe, smart, and sustainable solutions, announced  the launch of its carbon-free e-scooters in Washington, D.C. The company, co-founded by Usain Bolt, has e-scooters currently available in 15 cities worldwide and plans to expand into more than 40 markets through 2019. As part of the commitment to serving as a community partner in each market, Bolt will employ locally within the D.C. area.

Volvo & Samsung SDI Batteries

Volvo Group and Samsung SDI have entered into a strategic alliance to develop battery packs for Volvo Group’s electric trucks. Working together with Samsung SDI, Volvo Group aims to accelerate the speed of development and strengthen the long-term capabilities and assets within electromobility, to the benefit of customers in different truck segments and markets.

Scope Scopes Microsoft Azure

Scope Technology announced their successful migration to Microsoft Azure. The partnership includes Scope’s adoption of Azure to enhance their advanced enterprise solutions. It will also promote R&D collaboration on AI driven image recognition technology along with sales collaboration between the two companies.

Scope’s platform solutions feature connected car, IoT partner marketplace, and mobility platform solutions. This new offering will significantly enhance the adoption of innovations in connected car solutions.

Scope Technology processes billions of meaningful vehicle events every month from over 50 countries worldwide. While today’s systems capture vehicle, driver, and contextual information, the next generation of connected car solutions will expand the ecosystem beyond the vehicle.

Synopsis & Ixia

Synopsys and Ixia, a Keysight Technologies business, today announced a multi-year, strategic collaboration to enable a paradigm shift for system validation of complex networking system-on-chips (SoCs) using emulation and a virtual tester. The new paradigm is a faster, more effective alternative to traditional in-circuit emulation, which no longer scales for the port density and software complexity of next-generation networking SoCs, with the use of an emulation system connected to a true virtual tester solution. Synopsys has released its ZeBu® Virtual Network Tester Solution, which integrates Synopsys’ ZeBu emulation system with Ixia’s IxVerify virtual network tester. Together, these solutions enable validation continuity that spans pre- and post-silicon use providing a full-featured protocol testing solution to reduce overall project schedules, thus shifting-left traditional post-silicon use cases to the pre-silicon domain. Networking semiconductor companies can now accelerate their pre-silicon and post-silicon system validation for complex networking SoCs that feature hundreds of ports and 24+ terabit per second throughput.

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