@AutoMobilityLA Adds Board Members

The Los Angeles Auto Show and AutoMobility LA™, the show’s press and trade event, announced four new members of its AutoMobility LA Advisory Board, bringing together a diverse mix of industry professionals and thought leaders to help further grow and transform one of the most well-attended auto shows in the world. Offering a breadth of automotive, tech, and design experience, newly appointed board members include: Danny Stillion, partner and executive design director at IDEO; Kerry Lebel, head of marketing for Alexa Auto at Amazon; Manny Lopez, lead analyst of the Mobility Group at General Motors; and Mike Dosenbach, director of cloud and connectivity at MBRDNA (Seattle).

“As leaders in the auto show space, we take pride in our efforts of providing a unique platform such as AutoMobility LA where leaders in auto, tech, and now lifestyle come together to learn, grow and fortify strong connections with a goal of transforming and evolving the auto industry as we know it,” said Lisa Kaz, owner and CEO of the LA Auto Show and AutoMobility LA. “So that we can continue challenging ourselves and ensuring we offer a can’t-miss industry event like AutoMobility LA, our team works hard to identify and welcome top talent and thought leaders across relevant industries to be active participants of our AutoMobility LA Advisory Board.”

Danny Stillion, partner and executive design director at IDEO, has a deep grounding in interaction design which has perfectly intersected with IDEO’s transportation and mobility work. With over 20 years of experience, Stillion has collaborated with the world’s leading automotive companies and top mobility start-ups where he has shaped a wide variety of human-machine interfaces, vehicle features, ownership models, and telematics services.

Kerry Lebel, head of marketing for Alexa Auto at Amazon, is responsible for driving growth and adoption of Alexa in the automotive space. Offering 20 years of tech industry experience, primarily working for Fortune 500 companies, Lebel has held roles ranging from executive consulting to product and GTM strategy leadership positions.

Manny Lopez, lead analyst of the connected car, infotainment and shared mobility group at General Motors (GM), developed a strong investigative and analytical mindset after spending over 15 years as a journalist and automotive editor at media outlets across the country. Prior to joining GM, Lopez also worked at a public policy think tank in Michigan.

Mike Dosenbach, director of cloud and connectivity for the MBRDNA Hub in Seattle, focuses on software development and cloud computing for Mercedes-Benz connected vehicles. With over 23 years of software engineering and management experience, Dosenbach now leads the Seattle office, along with two teams in Long Beach, CA, where he concentrates his efforts in driving cloud technologies and new computing paradigms at Daimler.

In addition to AutoMobility LA’s four newest Advisory Board members, this year’s returning members include: Alex Roy, director of special operations at Argo.AI and editor-at-large for The Drive; Anupam Malhotra, director of connected vehicles and data at Audi of America; Bryan Biniak, founder and CEO of ConnectedTravel™; John Ellis, founder and managing director of Ellis & Associates; Justin Fishkin, former chief strategy officer at Local Motors; Manuela Papadopol, CEO of Designated Driver; Olabisi Boyle, vice president of Internet of Things (IoT) at Visa; and Roger Lanctot, director of automotive connected mobility at Strategy Analytics.