Caddy’s Super Cruise Bests Tesla in CR Testing

Consumer Reports evaluated self-driving systems in the Super Cruise in a Cadillac CT6; Autopilot in Tesla Models S, X, and 3; ProPilot Assist in an Infiniti QX50 and Nissan Leaf; and Pilot Assist in a Volvo XC40 and XC60.  Cadillac’s Super Cruise won because it balances high tech with seeing if the driver pays attention.

In CR’s rating Tesla’s Autopilot came in second, followed by Nissan/Infiniti’s ProPilot Assist and then Volvo’s Pilot Assist system.

Consumer Reports’ Jake Fisher says that given the current state of the technology, drivers must remain constantly engaged. “If you have one of these systems, or are interested in buying a car with one, you need to understand the reality: You are always responsible for driving the vehicle, no matter what the car is doing to help you out.”

Consumer Reports reported it rated self-driving systems “not only how well the technology works but also how well it monitors driver engagement and reacts if drivers don’t respond to warnings.”

“Consumers stand to gain a lot from the convenience of these systems, but only if automakers put safety first,” says David Friedman, vice president of advocacy at Consumer Reports. “We want to see automakers put the same emphasis on safety as they do on innovating and marketing these systems.”