Secure Connected Vehicle Platform Azured from Irdeto, Link Motion and DSA

Link Motion, DSA and Irdeto have come together to offer a secure, end-to-end connected vehicle experience, built on Microsoft Azure. Connected car manufacturers are eager for a joint offering that brings together the right security technology, analytics and policy management in one solution. Together, this consortium of industry experts is providing an off-the-shelf, scalable solution that combines feature rich, secure telemetry and access control for connected vehicles.

With a complete end-to-end solution for connected vehicles, we are unlocking the value of big data for both automakers and consumers. The solution will ensure our customers benefit from data ownership and state-of-the-art connected vehicle services”, said Jouni Mikkonen, Managing Director at Link Motion. “We are excited to demonstrate the full solution platform at IZB with our Motion T rputer.”

Real-time data monitoring allows OEMs and fleet operators to store and analyze all operation data collected from the vehicles. With the vehicle health status, they will also benefit from predictive maintenance operations and optimized cyber security via over-the-air firmware (FOTA) updates.

“As a long-term market leader in offboard diagnostic and flash programming systems, it is DSA’s aim to also become a technological market leader for Connected Vehicle solutions, especially for Over-the-Air Updates, Coding and Remote Diagnostics”, said Dr. Ansgar Schleicher, Managing Director at DSA. “Our partnership with Link Motion, Microsoft and Irdeto is an ideal platform to leverage these new technologies and exhibit the value-adds of connectivity and digitalization in the next generation of vehicles.”

Furthermore, through the use of Irdeto’s Keystone solution, vehicle owners are able to securely manage policies for their connected car. Combining their mobile phone and digital car key, a user is able to set rules around the usage of the vehicle, including the speed limit of the car, time of use, geolocation, door access (e.g. trunk or glovebox), number of passengers in the vehicle and much more. Keystone also enables OEMs and fleet owners with the ability to securely provision and manage a host of new car sharing/car riding experiences.

“From OEMs to Tier 1 operators to fleet owners, the market is fully aware that they need a robust security strategy to protect their vehicles and business models,” said Niels Haverkorn, General Manager, Connected Transport, Irdeto. “Now, the bigger challenge is how do these organizations implement the right technology and security approach. There is too much confusion in the market about the true capabilities of some security technologies to appropriately address threats targeting the connected transport space. This partnership directly addresses that challenge by bringing together the right technology and security strategies together in one integrated, end-to-end solution.”

At upcoming industrial trade fairs, specific use cases will demonstrate major opportunities enabled by the connected vehicle solution. A live demonstration of connected vehicle use cases will be showcased for the first time at IZB in Wolfsburg, Germany, from 16th to 18th of October, at Link Motion’s booth (1205A in Hall 1). A week later, DSA will give a conference presentation on the use cases at the 3rd China International Intelligent Connected Vehicle Forum in Beijing, China, from 25th to 26th of October.